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So, Ron hasn’t posted for a while. A long while. So I, Otter, will post for him. Because I natter enough on my own blogs.

Last year at MuseCon, Ron wanted to do the stained glass class, but didn’t. This year he did, and assembled a rectangular panel from pre-cut pieces. That was Saturday/Sunday (sorry, he hasn’t taken a picture AFAIK).

The Thursday after MuseCon we were at one of the local shops buying glass and tools.

This is the result, a Prairie-style design from a magazine:


I didn’t quite like the design, which is kind of a Frank Lloyd Wright stylized wheat design, so I drew my own, which had three arms, and the ends of the arms vertical. Ron was playing with the beveled clear piece we’d bought for it, which resulted in a re-design by me, Ron, Xap, and Robin.
Here it is, hanging in my office window:

image.jpeg photo.JPG

He also made two versions (same design, slightly different background colors) of this design, from a different magazine (pre-soldering):


 He ended up with two versions because we massively over-estimated how much glass it would take, so he had plenty for two.

Ron did the soldering on mine and the two green ones last Friday, as well as patina-ing (chemically blackening) the metal on the two green panels. Wherein lies a story. I got home from a Windycon meeting, and noticed that the house was really smelly. Ron said it was the patina chemicals, plus the flux+solder combo. He took a shower before bed to try to shed some of the smell, but it was persistent, and pervaded the whole house. I mentioned it smelled kinda skunky.

If you read my blog, you probably see where this is going.

Our room was still skunky come morning, but the hallway, not so much (we keep the bedroom door shut to keep the dogs in).

Yes, you guessed it, the smell was skunk, not stained glass chemicals. Pippin went to the vet for a bath, and Robin washed bedding. In our defense, Pip was not nearly as bad as Elrond when he got skunked last summer. But it was still a headdesk realization.

Anyway, Xap liked my design enough that she bought glass for one for Ron to make her one (my ego, let me show you it):


Ron also did a couple-three smaller pieces. These are from a book of prairie-style miniatures. The vertical one is a bit under 11″ tall, the Transformers-ish-logo one is 4-6″ wide:

image.jpeg image.jpeg

Prairie style is nice for starting out on, because it has lots of nice straight lines.

I put together another small thing out of scraps from my panel, which looks a lot like mountains.

At lunch today I borrowed the office planimeter and was measuring the area of the parts for some more designs – some with lots of curves! And I bought an older mechanical planimeter via eBay. I was going to check and see what model the old mechanical one we had at the office was and look for one of those (since I know how it works), but it seems to be hiding from me. Hopefully not stolen, although we have a newer, fancier digital one. Locked up. Anyway, the one I got from eBay includes the manual, so it should be fine.

I think the plan is to go shopping for more glass tomorrow before the MuseCon post-con post-mortem. We’ll be going to Classical Glass, in Algonquin, who are very nice and helpful and totally sold Ron a grinder after letting him try one of theirs. Suevel Studios/Chicago School of Glass Art (two links for two sides of their business) are also very nice, but Classical Glass has a better selection of Glass. We won’t be going back to O’Reilly’s Stained Glass in Crystal Lake, the person who was there when we went was opinionated, and rude about it – no, using X size material is not “wrong”, thankyouverymuch, and it isn’t absolutely required to take formal classes to learn. The lady who runs A Glass Act in Elgin is opinionated but tactful, and quite happily gave Ron hints to get better patina results. No link only because she doesn’t have a web site.  And she’s not far at all from the Tandy/Leather Factory store, that I can hit from work at lunchtime.

No, I haven’t tried stained glass yet, other than putting the foil on my scrap/mountain suncatcher. I’ll stick to sorting pattern and glass pieces and maybe come up with another design at some point.

Looked in the new hive today and took a picture. In the process of snapping the pic I accidentally captured a short movie so I am including it also.


I cant seem to embedded it but clicking on it will show it..

Here are some stills that I meant to take.

Some built out comb

Another shot of the comb in the hive

They seem to be coming along just fine.  There are 4 bar’s worth that seem to be fully drawn out one seems to be halfway out and one more just started.  They also seem to be working the comb it the right direction.

The neighbors have people in doing some work before they move in and our doofus just had to supervise.

As you can see he takes his job very seriously…

small tirade

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I hate having to be the bearer of bad news… or more exactly I hate the limits of language, or is it my limits with the language.

Explaining that some one “passed away” really sucks. Since every thing that can be said seems so week and insignificant compared to the person that is no more. But yet I don’t have the writing skills to express the feeling of loss so I find my self falling back on the tired expressions.

“Passed away…”
“Survived by…”
“Leaves behind…”

They all suck, they are so over used. Maybe it is just that everything sucks at times like these.

But then again does any one really have the writing skills to sum up a persons life in a short set of statements. Heck a life is a long thing it takes most people a lifetime to create it… I know silly statement.

The other thing I hate is not being able to do anything about it. I know that every one will die, but when they die when they should live for another 30+ years it seems even more frustrating.