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Well kinda… We picked up two packages of bees today from Dadant up in Wisconsin. We repopulated the hive that starved out last winter, and also got bees into the new top bar hive that I made over Easter weekend.

In order to encourage the new package of bees to stay in the new hive we tied a couple of pieces of honey ladened comb to the top bars. It seems to have worked.

The kinda comes in, in that I had divider boards in the hive to try to limit the space that the bees had to build in to start with. Unfortunately the top bars were all pushed to one side leaving a quarter inch at one end which the little ladies promptly found and decided to invade… So I ended up removing one of the divider boards and give them a lot more room than I intended.

I hope that the Queen stays near where we have the bate comb so she stays mostly centered in the hive…

Unfortunately  Otter was stung and now looks like she walked into something with her eye.