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Finished these socks last night, here they are on Ron’s feet this morning.  Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight, in the Knitters Without Borders colorway, with cuffs out of Shadow (black) from the Raven Clan set of colors.

Much of what looks black in the Knitters Without Borders part of the socks is actually purple.  And hot pink, not red.  Good thing Ron’s secure in his manhood.

The socks were knit toe-up, in a chevron gansey pattern on the top/front.  The back of the legs are ribbed, so they have a chance of fitting Ron’s ankles while being big enough for his feet and to get his heels through.  They’re still a bit looser than he’d prefer through the ankles.  I used up all but a smidge of the Knitters Without Borders, stopping at a logical place in the pattern, then switched to ribbing for the black.

The colors do a continuous stripe around the foot one way for the first part, then reverse when the (non-obvious) gusset increases start.  you can see that on his left foot.  Go back to striping for about one round, then kind of zig-zag up the leg.  Interesting.

Picture taken with my iPhone.  Pretty good little camera, really.

“Angee” socks from Cookie A.’s “Sock Innovation” (link to .pdf preview of the book, showing most of the socks). No, this is not the yarn used in the book, this is the “Hearth” multi from, in their “Stroll” sock yarn. Good match, eh? My moosies are kinda covered up, though.

Well, that picture came out a bit dark, didn’t it. A variation on the “Twisted Rib” socks from Interweave’s 25 Favorite Socks book – the twisted rib columns are one stitch wider than the pattern is written. We’re all smart enough to figure that one out. 🙂 The yarn is Brown Sheep Co. Wildefoote, color “Tom Cat” which I thought was grey-ish with one pinkish ply, but I’m told by VS shows up as purple.

“Milo” from “Sock Innovation.” And the moose on my blockers. Yarn is “Ty-Dye”, and I think I did an awsome job of splitting the skein to get obviously-related socks, thankyouverymuch.

Yet Still Another Cookie A. pattern, “Monkey” from Yarn is “Crazy Zauberball”, I don’t think the colorway has a name. I hope it shows up better on your screen than this one – it goes through dark teal, burgundy, grey, brown, and looks really cool, in about 3/4″-1″ bands. The heels I did in Wildefoote “Cranberry” to keep the color-changing going down the foot. I think it’s a decent color match, but heavier yarn.

Yarn Orgy Results

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Hmm. The picture above seems to be a bit dark. The three skeins on the left are the half-priced generic sock yarn I referred to in my LJ post about the Stitches trip. The middle one of the three big skeins is red and black or red and blue (still not sure), that may end up being another pair for Ron. The others are purples. The blue-green smaller skein (Cherry Tree Hill brand, no color name) is going to be the Mermaid’s Lagoon socks from No concrete plans yet for the orange and the green.

Above are the dozen skeins from Miss Babs, IIRC they’re all the “Yummy” superwash merino. She had a lot of nice solids and semi-solids, I could easily have spent a lot more money there than I did.

Let’s see, the two dark green skeins on the left are for Ron – I expect it’s going to take more than one skein to make him a pair. But I might be able to get a pair of anklets out of it, too. Don’t know what pattern I’ll be using with it.

The green and white (“Day at Sink Valley Park”) is going to be the “Glynis” socks from Cookie A.’s “Sock Innovation.” – link to .pdf preview that shows most of the socks in the book. It turns out that colorway is still not as solid as the sock really needs, but I’m not ripping them out for the 5th or 6th time, dammit! And if anyone plans to do these socks, you need to get a couple repeats in to really see the pattern. And don’t knit too tightly. Yeah, I have learned something in all the tries on them.

Next is a pale grey (“Oyster”), which is going to be the “Bex” socks from “Sock Innovation.”

One of the two rusts, not sure which it was now, except the more solid (“Terracopper”), (they are slightly different) is going to be the Baroque socks from Knitty. Yeah, that pattern needs a solid yarn!

The burgundy (“Merlot”), third from the left of the bottom four, is going to be the “Vilai” socks from “Sock Innovation.” Yes, I do like Cookie A.’s socks – I’ve got 2 more queued up from yarn in the stash – “Nebula”, “Ornette” (in about those colors), and 2 more that will probably be done out of the yarn orgy – “Stricken” – but not in light blue, yuck, and “Twisted Flower” – probably the other rust, since I didn’t actually grab a dark green – D’OH! – and I will be buying more of her patterns.

If you have suggestions of which yarn to do “Stricken” (or other Cookie A. patterns) from, e-mail me or leave the comment here on blogger directly (gmail addy is your blogger userid), comments on the LJ feed behave . . . oddly.