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More Catch-Up

Oops, I seem to have gotten behind again.  This time I blame it on MuseCon, specifically the program book.  Program books eat your life.

First, I got the first draft done, about a week and a half ago.  I put it out for proofreading.  I ignored it for several days, then started proofreading myself last Saturday.  I put out an updated draft.  Betsey started proofreading, and her scary red pen found many corrections to make.  I finished updating today, barring two possible further edits, if I hear back from a couple people.  If I don’t, it stays as-is.  In any case, the guts go to the printer tomorrow morning.

Ron is re-melting and filtering the beeswax, and has the Ross Rounds out thawing prior to packaging (covers arrived last week).  I really need to update my beekeeping presentation, or at least look at it for possible updates, prior to MuseCon.

Retrieved Robin yesterday.  I think some of today’s stiff-and-sore-ness are due to spending most of the day in the truck.

Ron was too sore to make kayaking advisable, so I took Robin down to Busse Lake again.  On the way home we stopped at Ace Hardware for hooks to hang his kayak in the basement, it wasn’t happy where it was sitting (and sititng on) in the trailer.

There’s a half-dozen brats in the fridge, but not much else in the way of food (ok, there’s meat in the freezer, but that’s not much help).  No clue what we’re doing for dinner, and I think it’s time to place an order with PeaPod…

Paddle Ponderings

I’m not sure if I mentioned it back when we got Robin his kayak, but kayak-lust has featured in our lives before.  I inherited it from my father, who wanted a canoe for many years.  He still doesn’t have one, but he does have the 14- or 16-foot rowboat that I think belonged to my (paternal) grandfather.  I wonder if he still has the Snark, which is a 1-person sailboat along the lines of a Sunfish.  I had a lot of fun in the Snark in my tween-teen years.

My maternal grandfather did have a canoe for a while.  I don’t remember a lot about it, though.

A few years ago we went through a period of serious kayak lust, after several summers that included canoe and kayak day-trips while visiting my parents.  During that time I bookmarked a bunch of web sites, which due to my pack-rat nature I still have (insert evil laughter here).  I also got a couple books on paddling trips, one for Illinois and one for southern Wisconsin.  I was going through those this afternoon seeing where best to throw the boys in a river.  🙂  But first we need to get a better transport system, so that we don’t need both vehicles to move both boats.

I think I’ve updated my want-list for a ‘yak for me, at least from a web-shopping POV.  A Tarpon 120 sit-on-top kayak from Wilderness Systems.  IIRC last time I was thinking a Tarpon 140 or 160 (which are 14- and 16-ft long boats, the 120 is a 12-ft), so at least I’m consistent.  Even if I do succeed in cutting my weight down, I’m always going to have HIPS, and sit-on-tops give one more leeway for butt-room.  To put it bluntly.  The Tarpon 120 is the same length as Ron’s, which is long enough to be less squirrelly than Robin’s, but still maneuverable for going down rivers, etc.  In the past we had ideas of longer trips, now I’m trying to be realistic that day-trips are our most likely activity, which usually means riverine trips.

Of course, I have expensive-ish tastes.  The Tarpon is about the cost of Ron’s and Robin’s combined.  But not really horribly expensive, I could spend a LOT more money on a similarly-sized boat.

In any case, purchase is likely to be many months away.

Long Weekend of Fun – In Progress

When last we left the story, it was still June.

Ron took his birthday off (Thursday) and accomplished much relaxation. I took him out to dinner, and we ended up at Tzukasa, a Japanese place where you sit around the grill. Yum yum.

Friday Ron had off and I took a vacation day. More goofing off accomplished. We did swim.

Yesterday after swimming, karate, and lunch we went north to spend the afternoon with AE while Robin paddled his kayak around the lake. We also sorted through sails and equipment and re-rigged a Sunfish (small sailboat). Also, more relaxation and dog-scritchies.

After deciding this morning it was too damn hot to pull supers and extract honey, and then procuring breakfast, we went up to Dick’s Sporting Goods (which is NOT, I repeat NOT found at dicks dot com, nudge nudge wink wink) for a new swimsuit for Ron: his had split a side seam yesterday, due to age. While we were there, I made the mistake of wandering over to see what they had in the way of ‘yaks…

It followed me home Ma, honest! A Mumble 120, which was on sale. So now Ron has a boat.

Where to go, where to go?

My first thought was Twin Lakes reservoir/park in Palatine. Fortunately, I looked at the Salt Cr. Rural Park District’s web page while the guys were putting Robin’s kayak on the car. Rental boats only. Drat. Nothing in the Paltine Park District system. Lake Co. FPD has one lake, rather far north.

Cook County FPD: Duh! Busse Lake! Had I had functioning brain cells we’d have had Robin on the water before this weekend. One almost-mishap with Ron’s boat and lesson learned that both cars need cell phones (Ron didn’t think he’d need his, nor did Robin, who was with me anyway) we arrived and the boys launched.

It’s a good-sized lake with lots of squiggly bits and islands. I believe Robin likes it better than Highland Lake. I gave him the dam-avoidance talk. Next time everybody brings phones, we have Pelican Cases.

Here’s the boys coming in for water: