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Tuesday from the Underworld

Cranky Prognathodon was very cranky yesterday. Started in the morning when something went “pop” just above my right ankle, with extra pain from the foot to the knee. Reminded myself that if I’m debating going to the ER/acute care, then I should stop debating and go. Decided on the acute care that’s part of our doctors’ offices. X-rays showed nothing, pre-x-ray the nurse said he thought it was tendon-ish. Shoes help, I think it’s better today.

Monday night my dinner fought me, badly (mechanical/restriction issues). Tried breakfast on the way home from the acute care yesterday and it was definitely Not Good. I think my throat and a bit downward are very irritated and swollen from Monday. So I did liquids the rest of the day yesterday. Just tried some applesauce, that wasn’t as easy as liquid, but working. In a bit I’ll try some yoghurt.

So, yesterday, I’m at home with my leg up, and there’s a knock on the door about mid-day. It’s the neighbor with an armful of happy naughty puppy. I hadn’t been too concerned about not seeing Gimli for a bit, as it was fairly nice out. The dog walker came shortly after, the boys really like him. In the afternoon I took the boys out with Gimli on the 50’ rope and started checking the fence. Unfortunately, I started with the back fence line, which is the most challenging to get to/painful with my leg. Turned out to be a tunnel under the front corner. Blocked with broken concrete that was nearby under the porch.

I sat on the back porch steps and watched the dogs play for a while. Came in, Tommy stopped in the kitchen to wash a paw. Settled back on the couch, eventually realized I hadn’t seen Tommy (the dog door was closed, not up to chasing dogs, even just around the yard). Call, hear him rustling. Call some more. More rustling. More calling, more rustling, and eventually he appears from the kitchen. With blood on the paw he stopped to clean some more. He’d broken a claw off short. With much flailing around, Tommy and I leave for the vet, figuring I’m going to have to call and tell PeaPod I’ll be late for my pickup. Being bold, stupid, and not up to facing the stairs, so leaving Pippin and Gimli loose in the house (dog door extra-barricaded).

By the time we were heading toward the vet’s office I realized that the bleeding had stopped, and Tommy didn’t seem particularly uncomfortable. I decided that although it was worse than a claw-clipping accident, we could skip the vet visit. Got turned around, and picked up PeaPod. Tommy was riding very nicely, until I opened the window for the PeaPod Pickup. He *is* a beagle, after all. 🙂 Pippin and Gimli were good while we were gone, and as I’d ordered PeaPod after my acute care visit, there was only one load of stuff to bring in. Although at that point I didn’t know I’d be needing liquid food for dinner, sigh.

Got home, ordered egg drop soup for dinner, with a wonton soup for today. Ate a little more than was advisable, but not problematically. The dogs were fairly well-behaved for the rest of the evening, especially since I kept them in and Tommy on his cable when he was out. He’s been rather obnoxious barking at the two back-neighbor dogs lately. I think he wants to play, but he says so loudly and at length, and Gimli has started joining in. Growf.

Stopped on the way to work for applesauce, yoghurt, and squishy soup – cream of chicken and chicken & stars. Not sure if wonton soup will work tonight, we’ll see. And some chocolate may have also followed me, because it melts and your mouth, no problem, right?

Long Weekend

Last Thursday evening when I went to bed I wasn’t optimistic about the amount of snow we’d get. But last Friday morning when I listened to the traffic and weather reports and looked out at the world I determined that the weather gods had listened to the prayers of me and many schoolkids and it was a SNOW DAY! Too bad it wasn’t an officially-work-declared one, so it ate a day’s vacation, but my sanity in regard to driving is worth it. Ron was in Green Bay last Thursday night and headed to Iowa on Friday, missing the vast majority of the snow. Friday morning about 10 am I went out to ask the neighbor to plow the driveway, and he and I were the only signs of life on the street.

Ron came home Saturday and stayed until Wednesday morning – took an extra couple days to try to loosen up some stubborn muscle soreness. Robin got in to Joliet about midnight last Friday night/Saturday morning, but didn’t ping me for a ride until about 5:30 am. I got a quick shower and set out for Joliet. I briefly took Mongo out of 4WD, put it back in to get going from a stop, decided to see how bad the expressways were, got onto 53 South at Euclid, got off at Algonquin (the next ramp), and circled back home. Checked the IDOT-reported road conditions around 9:30 while picking up PeaPod and decided the answer was still “No”. About 11:30 I looked again, things seemed encouraging, and off we went.

Robin was home about 24 hours – long enough to do laundry, get groceries, some minis, and start work on said minis. He left earlier than necessary on Sunday (although not as early as he’d have liked, due to having to replace the Kia’s battery, which had not-at-all-unexpectedly completely died), so that if there wasn’t long-term parking for drivers he could come back home and we’d figure out an alternate plan. But he didn’t have to do that, so now I’m done driving to Joliet, barring unforseen circumstances. Yay!

Monday was a state holiday (Lincoln’s Birthday), more yay! The dog-walking service came over in the evening to meet the boys, discuss details, etc. They’ll be starting next week Tuesday, since I have Monday off for President’s Day. Yay!

Had Ying out Tuesday night while cleaning up an epic deposition of metabolic end products. She’s gotten to be quite the big girl. I can hold her with one had . . . briefly. She also seems to be getting a little less head-shy, which is nice. Mite wars are back on in force, with the discovery the previous weekend that they’d gotten to Tanami. Not seen any on Moresby, who has the other half of the divided cage, but he’s been soaking enough that it’s a possibility. Ron checked Ying and Mau Xanh over Tuesday and didn’t see any on them, either. *All* the reptiles are being treated at this point, regardless.

Just finished another round of cleaning up Nyar’s toes – stuck shed on toes (and tail tips) is capital-B Bad. Worked on them Thursday, applied Neosporin, and Nesporin again last night and tonight. I think I’ve got them about shed. Also got his nostrils cleared, shed tends to clog them, or else he’s like a marine iguana and sneezes out excess salt/minerals. Either way, when they get blocked he stops eating. I expect he’ll chow down tomorrow.

Robin Not So AWOL and Other Natter

Robin didn’t come home for the weekend, nor on Monday, as he’d said he’d planned. Today I found out why – he’d forgotten to put in for home time. Oops.

Stayed home today and went to the doctor. We have upped my antidepressant (does that make them just “pressants”?) dosage. Since Robin’s left I’ve been more likely to have issues, and a missed dose a couple weeks ago resulted in me pretty much falling apart. Also today I was not awake – slept very badly Monday night, and although I slept ok last night it wasn’t enough to get caught up. So late morning I took a nap with Tommy snuggled up and Gimi snuggled up to Tommy. Snuggles by osmosis.

Today I did do some dishes, laundry, got a few groceries, and started work on the book for the floodplain manager’s conference. Still need to go mess with laundry one more time and get snake food out for tomorrow. Oh, also updated the snake food list to reflect re-arranging the schedule from Pythons-ish on Tuesdays and Colubrids-ish on Thursdays to “small” snakes on Tuesdays and “big” snakes on Thursdays every 2 weeks (every 3 for Fezzik the boa).

Wondering who this strange dog is and what he’s done with Tommy – he was snuggled up and napped while I was eating dinner. No hoping, no pushing, just stayed curled up and polite. Very odd . . .

Weekend Non-Report

It was a weekend. Ron was home, Robin was AWOL (at least according to the dogs). Dogs were snuggly (mostly on Ron).

Ron and I went out for lunch on Saturday and in the evening Xap came over and helped us eat chicken macaroni salad and we watched a movie. Sunday morning Ron and I got breakfast and groceries. There was much flailing around at the grocery store, and then we retreated home in the face of the crappy weather.

I’m thinking of a DIY new enclosure for Moresby, who keeps on growing, as young snakes do, which will also result in more room for Tanami, who is also growing. They’re currently in a 2’ x 4’ x 1’ tall enclosure that’s divided in half, so Tanami would get the whole thing when Moresby moves out (new enclosure question boils down to buy or build). Tanami is a fossorial species, so the low enclosure height is fine for him.

Home Despot has 1/2” thick CPVC sheets, which can be worked with woodworking tools. I’m thinking a 2’ x 2’ x 3’ tall enclosure, as Moresby likes to climb. I could get one 4’ x 8’ and one 2’ x 4’ sheet, or I could buy five 2’ x 4’ sheets, which are easier to handle, requires less cutting, but cost more per square foot. I’m leaning toward the smaller pieces and spreading the cost out over several weeks. Still in the thinking stage, details to be worked out.

I think that about sums up the weekend’s activities.

Blah blah blah natter-cakes

The Kia was towed to the garage on Monday. It ended up needing more than the clutch, so ended up costing $1800-ish instead of $1200-ish. Also still needs a battery, as the current one is reported to be marginal, but Ron and Robin can do that. It was finished yesterday, and paid for in combination by Robin’s credit card and Bank of Mom.

Ron spend the night in Palatine last night, so I stopped where he was parked for the night, picked him up, and then he dropped me off to retrieve the Kia while he went home and let the dogs out. Picked up dinner at Kosta’s, and then I left him at his truck for the night. After this morning’s drop off he ended up at the industrial park a mile or so from my office. He wasn’t sure if he could leave for lunch while he was being loaded, so I picked up lunch and brought it to him. Two meals together in two days! Woo hoo!

The estimate from the dog-walking service seems reasonable, but have not made a decision yet, since the increased cost of the Kia repair was likely going to require a loan from the Bank of Mom. I’m thinking soon, though. If nothing else, I need to get set up as an occasional customer for days where I have to be gone longer than normal.

Ron’s elbow continues to improve. So do my back and ankle.