Blech – sick

The middle of last week I came down with an Upper Respiratory Thing, aka A Cold. Blech.  Although I made it to work Thursday and Friday, I wasn’t exactly in top form. Saturday I slept in, took a nap, then we went out for dinner with Xap and the Xaplings, then to “The Pirates of Penzance” at Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre. It was much fun. Many thanks again to Xap for getting the tickets! Bits of the Modern Major General song and the Constable’s song (can’t remember the proper title) were updated, amusingly. The production was in the round, and worked really well. It was fun evening all around.

The purpose to celebrate impending graduation for Robin and X1, but Robin’s name is/was mud, grade-wise. We shall speak no more about it at this time.

Friday night I declared I wasn’t cooking (actually, I haven’t had anything to do with meal preparation since Thursday), we didn’t want pizza or thai (best delivery options), but pancackes sounded good, so we went to Walker Thingies. After that we went to the Apple Store for my birthday present and Ron’s.

Yes, this is a little early for Ron’s birthday, but it makes sense – we got iPod upgrades. We got a new 64GB iPod for Ron, so he can play with photography stuff, and I got his almost-new 16GB iPod. My not-so-new 1st generation iPod was passed on to Robin. Yes, I understand that you may be experiencing some cognitive dissonance with the grade issues (ok, we’re speaking about them again I guess), but he realizes that he’s only getting my old one as a hand-me-down, not as a “Robin gets an iPod”.

Anyway, still suffering from this cold, on Sunday I slept in, took a nap, went to bed early, and still didn’t have trouble sleeping. Yesterday I got up at the normal time, stayed home and almost but not-quite napped, and generally was a lump until Ron took me to the grocery store. Then I came home and was a lump some more.

Such excitement.

Less dopey today. In part I switched from Mucinex DM to straight Mucinex, which doesn’t have the makes-you-sleep cough suppressant, but still not fully awake.  I suspect by the time I get home tonight I’ll be back to the “lump” status.