Oh, For the Love of Cod…

Continuing in our relenting drive to mosey slowly into the 21st Century, my office now has a scanner, and we have permission to submit leave requests by the following process:

  1. Open up an interactive PDF of the form and fill it out
  2. Save (well, I save an electronic copy, not sure cow-irkers do)
  3. Print out a hard copy
  4. Sign
  5. Scan
  6. E-mail to Timekeeper

Previously, we’d replace steps 5 and 6 with “Fax to Timekeeper”. Scanning and e-mailing is, I think, marginally faster.

Today I did that for the first time. I scan things at home, and so as I do at home I cropped the scan area down to just the important bits of the form, un-checked “color” and checked “greyscale”, as well as one for text enhancement. The form itself is only about a half-page in size, why waste time scanning white space, right?

Then, I let it save in the default file format, JPEG.

E-mail to Timekeeper.

Get a response that can be boiled down to: “AAARGH! No! Bad! Can’tmake it  print portrait! All slips in the book must face the same way!”

Oh, for the love of Cod…

I’m guessing Timekeeper tried to print the JPEG right out of the e-mail software. Or something. I really don’t want to know.

Go back, re-scan form (still cropped and set to sensible color/text settings) but save it off as a PDF. Open PDF to confirm portrait orientation. Send to Timekeeper. Make note to self that agency has still not arrived in 21st Century.