Goodbye, Elrond

A week or so ago we decided that Elrond had declined to the critical point. Marmaduke came over and said goodbye on Saturday, and X2 did so on Sunday, and then we looked at our schedules and Robin’s. Ron and I took the day off, and this morning we took him for the last trip to the vet’s.

Since Eowyn’s last trip there, they’ve upgraded one of the rooms, so it’s more like a small tiled living room than an examination room. As before, the staff were all very nice.

And then we came home and everybody’s been unhappy, including Pippin (who we took with us).  I think I’ve actually been better, now that it’s done with, than I’ve been the last few days.

Monday night Ron made the comment that he figured it would be a month or less before we’d have another dog. I agreed. I’d mentioned Shiba Inus earlier in the evening, but Ron made a comment about them being small. Which is germane, because then breeds came up. Robin said he wanted friendly. I want whatever Pippin is, but since he’s a mystery, I’m pretty much out of luck. Ron brought up beagles. I found the local beagle rescue.

We looked at the available dogs, and found Polly.  We filled out the on-line adoption application Monday, were supposed to have a phone interview with “our” Adoption Coordinator tonight, but that has to be re-scheduled to Friday or Saturday due to an issue on the Adoption Coordinator’s end.

I did point out that Beagles aren’t any bigger than Shibas. Ron didn’t argue.  🙂