Smaug and Dogs

We have a new resident in the house:


This is Smaug, a Ball Python. I’d say he’s about 18″ long, about as big around as Ron’s thumb. Ron says he’s not big enough for his bite to actually break skin (the woman at the pet store wasn’t confident about handling him, so Ron got him out of the enclosure). I’m calling Smaug “him”, but we really have no clue.

Here’s a couple pictures of Smaug’s terrarium:

Smaug_Home_1 Smaug_Home_2

It’s something like 16″ x 17, and a couple feet tall. The branch is fake. The store employee said Smaug likes to lay in the water bowl, so we got a fountain instead of just a small bowl. The back wall decoration is styrofoam, and as you can see, Smaug can use it to climb. The upper section of the front is two doors that swing open, or you can open the (screen) top.

The terrarium is sitting on the end table between the couch and the computer desk (the blue front door in the picture above is a reflection), which has been pushed back to the wall, after removing the bookshelf that used to be between the wall and the table, since Smaug was going to block access to most of the shelves.

When we first put him in the terrarium, Smaug investigated it fairly thoroughly. Currently he’s wedged between the fountain and the back wall, on the side toward the branch. I assume this is part of the settling-in process.

Smaug has been eating thawed previously-frozen mice, currently one small one a week, on Thursdays, so now we have a box of mice in the freezer.

This is Gimli after noticing Smaug moving:


He really wasn’t sure about it. At all. A few minutes later he woofed a couple times. Tommy has noticed the terrarium, but Smaug froze when Tommy’s nose got close to the glass, so I’m pretty sure Tommy didn’t notice him. I don’t think Pippin has either – as far as I can tell Tommy and Pippin are writing it all off as just another weird human thing that caused a lot of living room chaos this morning.

Thursday morning we noticed that the raw spots on Pippin’s lower jaw were worse, and more of his face was raw and irritated. Robin didn’t work until evening, so he took Pippin to the vet, and came home with oral antibiotic, cleaning fluid, and an ointment that combines a corticosteroid, anti-itch medication, anti-fungal, and antibiotic. We started the meds and cleaning Thursday evening, and Pippin is looking better. Vet’s SWAG is that the cause was related to allergy season, with the cut he had in his lip a couple weeks ago (and we thought had healed) didn’t help.

ComEd contractors came by Wednesday afternoon and got the half-tree off of the utility lines, and cut free from the parent tree. The neighbors had a neighboring service out to give them an estimate on taking down the rest of the tree, and were looking at it (and the remains) in our yard, too.

The MuseCon program book is aaaallllmost done. I have to do proofreading and the table of contents, and then it goes to the printer this coming week.

And I have an earache. I’m hoping it’s related to allergy season.