MuseCon Report

Interesting, my last blog post is dated for last Saturday, but it refers to last Friday as “this morning”. 

Anyway, for MuseCon, last Thursday night we stayed at home, and Friday morning we took the dogs to the vet’s, because many good reasons, then went to the hotel. Robin left for the hotel about the same time Ron and I left the house with the dogs, so that he could go help at Dave’s storage locker and do all his Logistics things.

MuseCon was busy. Ops took over hanging all signage, so I sorted signs and left them to it. I was in charge of Stanford/the Workshop Room/Blinkie Room (however you want to think of it). Friday that consisted primarily on making sure that everybody was on the same page for how the room would be set up (blinkies and other soldering things on the south half, everything else on the north half). Most of the Open Builds had moved to the Muse Salon in Marlborough, so Stanford proceeded relatively smoothly, biggest thing was getting hotel engineering to crank up the A/C, because if the room was too warm with <6 people in it for setup on Friday, it was going to be WAY TOO HOT once it got busy.  

I spent more time in the Salon (vs. Stanford) than I probably should have. I left my knitting at home, other than the turkish braid demo stuff, but I brought some doll clothing materials and tools and worked on kosode. Karen and I discussed ideas for the Salon and Stanford for next year, and have some ideas, considering above re: most Open Builds already having moved to the Salon. 

Saturday afternoon we reprised the Letterpress Printing Overview, and Saturday night we reprised Dramatic Readings of Music. This time for dramatic readings the chairs were all in a big circle (I think a leftover from a previous session), which was a good arrangement. Sunday morning we did Braided Snake Wristbands (3-strand mystery braid) for/in the kids programming room.

I took my Inuk and my classical guitar to MuseCon, and Saturday evening before dramatic readings I took them down to the Salon, where Andrea played them through an amplifier with distortion and feedback. Both sounded good, but the classical guitar played that way just sounded so wroooong to me. Andrea fell in love with the Inuk. 

Sunday night we went to the hotel restaurant/steakhouse, had sticker shock at the steak prices, and decided to just get soup, salad, and share a twice-baked potato, which was enormous. Then we went to the Necro-Muse music circle, where I flailed away through most of my classical-ish repertoire (mostly shorter bits out of my method book), Ron tried a couple banjo things, and Cathy McManamon made my Inuk sound very nice indeed. 

We stayed at the hotel Sunday night, and went to breakfast with Ron’s parents on Monday morning. Ron’s sister Alisa had also come to MuseCon, but she left Sunday afternoon. I think they all had a good time.

After breakfast we finished packing, hooked up the trailer, and headed home, where we dropped off the trailer, unloaded the truck, and then went out to pick up the dogs. Gimli was a very very tired puppy, he pretty much spent Monday asleep. Ron and I, and I assume Robin, also took naps. Nobody wanted to cook, so both lunch and dinner were invoked. 

Little Caesar’s called after Ron and the dogs and I had gone to bed, somebody up the food chain had scheduled Robin to open Tuesday morning. And close Wednesday night (at least it wasn’t a clopening). When he’d last checked his schedule, he didn’t have to work until Thursday. He was Not Amused. I can’t say I blame him.

Wednesday morning I had a definitely upset tummy, and stayed home, pretty sure combination of sinus/allergy issues and being tired from MuseCon. At one point Robin came downstairs and told me if I was going to nap I should go up and flop in bed. Grumble grumble grumble acting all adult who does this smart-alek kid think he is anyway? Which I did not do, but I did flop on the couch instead of sitting up. And in the afternoon I tried not to nap again. 

Last night Ron and Robin took blinkie stuff and Mr. Slushie back to D’s. Our stuff is still scattered around the house, and needs to go back to storage. Otter Necessities has an event (Lake Count-I-Con) in two weeks, so a trip to storage will happen some time between now and then to take coolers, etc. back and pick up Otter’s stuff that was stashed for MuseCon.
And that pretty much brings us up to today. Except for snake-natter, which will be its own post.