Long Weekend with Nesting Bullets

The weekend was good. Not too busy, but we did get some things done:

  • Clipped dog claws
  • Got the first spots on the new couch
  • Need to get another cushion/pillow or two for the lounge side
  1. Or make stuff/compression sacks for one or both spare body pillows
  2. And make covers for the blue bolsters that absolutely don’t go with the blue couch
  3. I worked on books (see Google+ for pictures):
  4. Three books completed (including tail end of last week)
  5. A squeegee works better than the brush I’ve been using for glue for large areas
  6. And results in less glue loss than the mini paint roller I tried previously
  7. Obtained a small plate for a glue palette (yoghurt lids are a bit small for the squeegee)
  8. Buying one small plate that isn’t a replacement confuses Crate & Barrel clerks
  9. Used my sewing frame for the first time
  10. And the second time, after some hardware tweaks that improved things
  11. Ace Hardware staff (not just Modelmaker) are used to us shopping for unusual projects and are rarely confused by said shopping
  12. Making progress on adding new techniques
  13. Started using my bookbinding press
  14. Thinking about getting yet still another type of press
  15. Bought some paper which is somewhat outside of my usual color/pattern comfort zone – pastel teal with elephants
  16. But not the paper with cutesy pink elephants and glittery red hearts
  17. Successfully worked with off-white book cloth without getting it grubby
  18. Discovered that text weight paper from Papersource differed in weight between two colors
  19. Made the Halloween book with it anyway
  20. Need a second tube to keep rolled paper/book cloth in
  21. May liberate a cardboard tube from work, until I get to Dick Blick for a nicer one
  22. This will not be a problem – every so often we thin the herd of empty tubes and other packaging that the office packrat has stockpiled
  23. Thinking of making a portfolio/folder to keep smaller flat pieces of paper in
  24. Which may require purchase of some larger plain paper
  25. And follow-up to a smart-aleck comment that Ron made will require purchase of thread
  26. Have three book blocks (interiors) ready for casing-in, and paper, cloth, and board cut for cases (covers)
  • Straightened up the bedroom while changing water in the aquaria:
  1. Beagles were napping in the sun and had to be coaxed in with snacks
  2. Put bins in the attic stair closet
  3. Was sensible and removed Nageswari’s water dish before moving shelves to get to said closet
  4. Put other bins on shelves
  5. Moved dog crates off register
  6. Brought my white drawer unit up
  7. Put garb “away”
  8. Other general straightening-up in the room
  • Cooked a ham in the crock pot:
  1. The “Cook on low for 8 hours” found repeatedly on-line is excessive – meat was a little dry
  2. But there was plenty of liquid to help
  3. OTOH, the bone just fell right out, so that was a plus
  4. Need to obtain split peas for soup
  5. Do not add ham to the soup until *after* applying stick blender
  • Got the AC units out and taken to the storage locker, and:
  1. Sandbags put in Mongo
  2. Retrieved my bookbinding books
  3. Improved labeling of some boxes of books
  4. Forgot a table and some other odds & ends
  • Issola brand gluten-free mini gnocchi are pretty good. Buy again
  1. (Didn’t buy because they were GF, noticed that when making soup)
  2. In the refrigerated case above the eggs at Eurofresh
  • Survived the monthly tedium call this morning
  1. Chocolate. Chocolate would have helped
  2. Chocolate because alcohol is not allowed at work
  3. Drat, forgot to break out the conference call bingo card a co-worker made
  4. Some day I’m going to work from home on conference call day…
  5. …and use the bingo card as a drinking game guide…
  6. …and get stupendously drunk
  • Achieved minor office hero status for dealing with a stench.
  1. I won’t subject you to the details, but I have smelled worse things in my time
  2. One of my super-powers is Taking Out the Garbage


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