Another Week

Last week Robin registered for CDL training, and Ron sent him all the study material he’s been using on his iWhatsit. Meanwhile, Pizza Workplace has been giving him extra incentive to move on. I think coincidentally, but not sure. Ron also mentioned that if they do team long-haul we will be getting lawn fairies. Yes, yes we will.

Ron’s driving training time doesn’t begin until next week, so he’s somewhat thumb-twiddly this week, as he’s finished his class time and taken his written tests with the Secretary of State – so now he’s theoretically certified for doubles, triples, tankers, and hazmat.

I started a larger, color version of another one of my snake drawings. This time I’m re-drawing from scratch, due to issues with the computer on Friday when Ron spilled water on the mouse and Wacom tablet, and un-related mis-behavior on the part of the Adobe Creative Suite. But I had a lot of changes to make from the original anyway, so starting from scratch was not a big deal. I got it sketched in pencil Friday night, and that’s where it still is.

Saturday we shopped – groceries, and for the project of moving the ball pythons to tubs, which meant Ikea, Menard’s, and Ace Hardware. Yes, Menard’s and Ace would seem to be redundant, but Menard’s only carries lighter-weight zip/lamp cord than Ron wanted for wiring up the heat tape.

I thought we were going to work on setting up the tubs Sunday, but we went to Brookfield Zoo instead. Ron took lots of pictures of scaly and feathery things – we went to The Swamp, Birds/Reptiles (formerly perching birds, the big long building), and Scales and Feathers, which is more birds and reptiles, and has free flight in the whole building. The otters weren’t out on display at The Swamp, so we saw no furry creatures.

My plan for Easter dinner was a butterflied/boneless leg of lamb on the grill, with cucumber/onion/yogurt salad. That didn’t survive contact with the grocery store. Eurofresh didn’t have any of that sort of lamb roast, and lamb shanks and chops weren’t calling to me. So Robin and I had lamb-burgers, and Ron had blue cheese burgers, and they were cooked under the broiler because we were all feeling lazy. But I did get the salad made, we all had our burgers in pita bread, and Robin and I put salad in the bread with the burgers, and it was yummy. Note to self, next time get dill so we can make the salad even more tzatziki-like.

Kajura is developing into a busy-body snake. They often pop out to watch what’s going on in the bedroom, especially in the evenings. Settling down, but one day last week they tried to bite again. Well, succeeded in attacking my thumb and holding on and a little gnawing action, but not in actually breaking the skin.

Buford shed last week, and then ate for the first time with us. He was also out and about a couple days ago, during the day. We didn’t see him out, but I know that morning before I left the substrate was in a relatively even layer over the whole enclosure floor. Not so much by evening. Not sure what he was doing, but he cleared a significant chunk of his enclosure floor.

Ron did start on drilling tubs last night, demonstrating that our plan for the rack will work.