Accelerating Rate of Change!

Ron did his CDL testing Monday morning: pre-trip oral exam, skills test of driving in the yard, and road-testing. Passed all three, yay! Tuesday, after the testing results propagated through the Secretary of State system, he went and got his new CDL issued. Yay! On Sunday, Robin gave Pizza Workplace a whole month notice. Yay! That’s double what I’d have given them, but as I said on G+, he’s all responsible and nice that way.

Monday night Ron had filled out an on-line application with Roehl Transportation, Inc. Yesterday a recruiter called, Yay! They talked, e-mail and forms exchanged, and he starts orientation on Memorial Day. Gleep!

Orientation is in Gary, IN, for a week, and Roehl pays for a (shared) motel room and two meals per day. Assuming training goes well, he actually gets hired, and goes out on the road with a trainer for a couple-few weeks. After that, he hopefully gets to stop in at home for a day or three before he goes on to driving on his own. He’ll be doing flatbed work, out for a week and a half or so, and home for three days. This will be a change.Which means we have Things To Get Done, and also get, before he leaves for Gary, such as:

  • CPAP battery – obtained, testing tonight.
  • Work boots – obtained. And he found steel-toed boots that fit, in stock, at the local Red Wing dealer (if anybody was going to manage it, Red Wing was).
  • Parking for cab and trailer when he’s home – investigations started.
  • Bedding, because I don’t think we have any twin sheets left in the house – ordered.
  • Duffel bags, because probably more amenable to fitting into a sleeper cab then suitcase(s), – ordered.
  • Finish the Snake Re-Arranging project.
  • Obtaining necessary other smaller stuff and packing it up – some things ordered, others, like work gloves, need to be obtained in person for fit.

Fortunately, we have on-line shopping and a week and a half to get it all sorted, as opposed to the half-week I’d misunderstood it to be when Ron first told me about the job on the phone yesterday afternoon.

On Saturday we did get Fezzik’s new enclosure mostly assembled, and built a perching/climbing bar for it out of PVC. Its currently sitting in the living room while the silicone sealant cured. We just have to put heat tape on the bottom, a light on the top, and put the top panel on – we were S-M-R-T-Smart and left the top off to make it easier to install the perch and light. On Sunday Ron and Robin took the empty glass enclosures and some other odds and ends that had been cluttering up the other end of the living room over to storage, and brought back the A/C units (and Robin put his in). And the empty glass enclosure we’ll be moving Kajura into got moved up to our room, as well as books off of the shelves above the ball pythons.

So this weekend we’ll finish up Fezzik’s enclosure and get him into it, the short enclosures Moresby and Dizzy are in will go downstairs to the shelves above the BPs, Moresby and Sif will swap enclosures, and Kajura will move into a larger enclosure, with about quadruple the space, where the short enclosures are currently. Kajura has doubled in weight (from 16 to 32 grams) in the two months since coming home with me (and I think is about to shed again, ie: growing like a weed), and is pretty fearless, so I decided they’d be fine going into that enclosure, instead of an intermediate size. And Fezzik’s current enclosure will be Removed From The House, Dammit, before Ron leaves for orientation.

That will still leave a chair or two and some smallish boxes of stuff that are lurking around the back door to be dealt with, but I expect to deal with them myself while we finish Fezzik’s enclosure upgrade, or Memorial Day weekend.

I have an idea for re-locating Nyar’s enclosure once Robin hits the road, but that will require obtaining another enclosure (which will probably be Nyar’s, with Lummy the tortoise moving into Nyar’s current one, and Lummy’s stock tank becoming his outdoor pen), but we have a little time. If that doesn’t work out before Robin goes, Robin has to either re-arrange his room somewhat, or at very least clear me a path (his room isn’t terrible, but Nyar isn’t right next to the door, either). I might need a schleppage assistance moving Nyar’s current enclosure from Robin’s room to the living room, but the rest of that project I can do myself. As long as I can find/get to the cordless drill (which is currently under Lummy’s table).

And I’m going to be going back to cooking (Ron’s been doing most of it since leaving Toshiba), and from cooking for 2-3 to 1-2. Yes, it makes a difference.

I may *sound* like I’m all planned and prepared, but in actuality I feel like I’m running around in circles squawking like a chicken. Sometimes. Invoking Amazon Prime for several items helped.