Blah blah blah natter-cakes

The Kia was towed to the garage on Monday. It ended up needing more than the clutch, so ended up costing $1800-ish instead of $1200-ish. Also still needs a battery, as the current one is reported to be marginal, but Ron and Robin can do that. It was finished yesterday, and paid for in combination by Robin’s credit card and Bank of Mom.

Ron spend the night in Palatine last night, so I stopped where he was parked for the night, picked him up, and then he dropped me off to retrieve the Kia while he went home and let the dogs out. Picked up dinner at Kosta’s, and then I left him at his truck for the night. After this morning’s drop off he ended up at the industrial park a mile or so from my office. He wasn’t sure if he could leave for lunch while he was being loaded, so I picked up lunch and brought it to him. Two meals together in two days! Woo hoo!

The estimate from the dog-walking service seems reasonable, but have not made a decision yet, since the increased cost of the Kia repair was likely going to require a loan from the Bank of Mom. I’m thinking soon, though. If nothing else, I need to get set up as an occasional customer for days where I have to be gone longer than normal.

Ron’s elbow continues to improve. So do my back and ankle.