Robin Not So AWOL and Other Natter

Robin didn’t come home for the weekend, nor on Monday, as he’d said he’d planned. Today I found out why – he’d forgotten to put in for home time. Oops.

Stayed home today and went to the doctor. We have upped my antidepressant (does that make them just “pressants”?) dosage. Since Robin’s left I’ve been more likely to have issues, and a missed dose a couple weeks ago resulted in me pretty much falling apart. Also today I was not awake – slept very badly Monday night, and although I slept ok last night it wasn’t enough to get caught up. So late morning I took a nap with Tommy snuggled up and Gimi snuggled up to Tommy. Snuggles by osmosis.

Today I did do some dishes, laundry, got a few groceries, and started work on the book for the floodplain manager’s conference. Still need to go mess with laundry one more time and get snake food out for tomorrow. Oh, also updated the snake food list to reflect re-arranging the schedule from Pythons-ish on Tuesdays and Colubrids-ish on Thursdays to “small” snakes on Tuesdays and “big” snakes on Thursdays every 2 weeks (every 3 for Fezzik the boa).

Wondering who this strange dog is and what he’s done with Tommy – he was snuggled up and napped while I was eating dinner. No hoping, no pushing, just stayed curled up and polite. Very odd . . .