Various Stuff

So, to catch up.

Finless Ed, the beat-up cichlid, spent a couple weeks in the Hospital Bukkit, and then returned to the main tank. No more warfare, but there’s still more activity in the tank than previously. 

No real progress on the 75-gallon aquarium-to-vivarium conversion.

I did set up a front-opening glass enclosure to a bio-active vivarium for Shai-Hulud the sand boa. After running without the snake for a month I moved him in on Monday. There was much exploring, and I also saw him last night. This coming weekend I’ll probably upgrade Chirrut the gecko to Shai-Hulud’s old enclosure, which is slightly bigger than Chirrut’s current one.

Dogs are dogs. Rabbits are stupid. The garbage wheelie-bin smells really bad right now. Gimi was not a happy puppy last night, and Tommy was not exactly cheerful about all the fireworks noise, either. They don’t panic, but they did snuggle. 

I was going to vend at the Palatine Hometown Fest over the weekend, but cancelled for the weekend was going to hell in a handbasket reasons, see the Otter Necessities blog. I’d taken Friday and Monday off for setup and recovery, then realized I might as well take Tuesday off and make it a really long weekend. Especially since I had comp time that has to be used up by the end of August. So although I was busy getting ready on Friday, the rest of the time has been very relaxing. 

Sewing has moved up to the bedroom, back downstairs, and back to the bedroom, with the weather. I tried using fold-over elastic (FOE), and it is good. 

Robin is currently employed at the downtown Palatine Jewel deli.

A couple-few days ago Robin registered his very own domain, we installed MediaWiki (the engine that runs Wikipedia), and today Robin and I bludgeoned our way through configuration. Currently Robin is alternately muttering and cackling as he puts content in – background fluff for his miniatures armies and squads. 

If you wish to view the madness for yourself, go here:

If you just go to you’ll be re-directed to the wiki. I set up the redirect!  Go me!