Post #500 – Yet Still Another Weekend Report-ish Thing, Again

Wow.  500 blog posts, counting all the ones imported from LJ.

I wasn’t too badly behaved at Stitches on Saturday.   For the most part I didn’t look at/for sock yarn, which helped.  I had Kumihimo on the brain, it’s been percolating around since being near M. teaching the basics at MuseCon.  I found a couple skeins of silk – one varigated, one complementary solid; and a big skein of something thick and thin with sparkles, I think rayon and wool.  Also for braiding, I need to get some coordinating yellow cotton, which I’ll go to I’d Rather be Kntitting for.  I also got a foam kumihimo disc, and a couple books that go with it, of necklaces.   Finally, I got myself a pair of Hand-Eze-type gloves, with extra wrist support.  I picked up a few business cards and flyers, maybe a half-dozen.

When I got home I was hot and sticky and going to take a bath, except that Robin was moping around because his RTV silicone had gone off in the year or so since purchase, and so couldn’t be used to make a mold of some miniature pieces.  So after a little while in front of the gale-force fan I took him down to DesPlaines Hobbies for a new batch.

After that I got my visit with Mr. Bathtub.  Eventually Ron got home from the CapriCon meeting, and we ended up going out for dinner at Toreo.  I blame it on Alton Brown’s flat meat episode of Good Eats.  Every time we watch it we end up wanting chicken-fried steak.  The Bistec Milanesia at Toreo doesn’t have sawmill gravy, but it is a very satisfying piece of breaded, fried tender steak.   And I have no objection to skirt steak.

Robin’s price for the trip to DesPlaines Hobby was to dig out my maurdai and the wooden box I store kumihimo paraphanalia in and use to bring the marudai up to an appropriate height for sitting-on-couch use.  I managed to figure out the braid Robin started mumble months and months ago, and finished it off Sunday.  It was an oops adaptation of another braid, so yesterday I made notes on what it was.   I had several yards left over from that braid, and so I started another simple one to use it up.

Sunday Ron and I went down to Calumet Photo where Ron drooled over LensBaby goodies.

Last night was my first Graphic Arts 101 class.  So far it’s very much baby steps, but I think I will learn things by the time it’s over.  The labs have nice iMacs, but they’re dual-boot and for this class we’re supposed to use Windows (because a certain fraction of industry uses Windows).  We also are to use Quark Xpress, because it’s also in somewhat common use in industry.  Last night’s lab was to make a table tent sign with our name.  See above re: baby steps, even with software that was brand new to me.

Although there are a fair number of kids in the class (who can not possiblybe old enough to be college students!  Honestly, who let the rug rats out?!?)  Ahem, sorry, don’t meant to be agist, clearly I am a dinosaur, gronk gronk . . .

Anyway, I’m not the only older-than-teen or twenty-something in class.  I think I am probably the second-oldest.  The instructor’s child starts kindegarten today, so I suspect I’m older than the instructor, but not  ridiculously so.

Fillings today went fairly smoothly.  Turned out to be three teeth worked on, following discovery of a couple cavities on last week’s x-rays.  I was brave and foolish and said yes I was up to having all of them done in one swell foop.   Dr. Toto did have to go back and give me more anasthetic in one area, but it didn’t take major histrionics on my part.  I don’t think enough to set my phobia recovery back significantly, either.

My jaw (minor/mild TMJ) was not happy by the end, but is getting better.  And the numbness is still persisting in my face over the lower jaw on one side, although I think it may be sufficiently worn off to eat safely.   One of the teeth filled today is also cracked, and may need a crown in the future, but Dr. Toto has hopes the filling material will do the trick.  That tooth hadn’t bothered me at all, which he says is encouraging for the filling being sufficient repair.

Back to kumihimo: should finish my little chunk of use-up-leftover-yarn braid tonight, then I think I’ll have Robin dig out my barstool marudai, so I can finish up the braid I started on it mumble months ago, and free up the tama (bobbins) thus engaged.  Still haven’t decided exactly what braid I want to do with my pretty silk, probably should do that Real Soon Now.

I did set up the foam disk on Saturday night and did some braiding on it.  I prefer an actual marudai, but I see the advantages of a foam disk both for portabilitly and for beginners – low cost entry, no slippage of threads/bobbins,  etc.  I’ll probably keep mine for instructional use.