Roundup of Teh Stoopid

  • If you want me to look at a map, don’t send it as a PowerPoint file.
  • If you want me to buy your hardware, it needs to work for more than a few months, not spontaneously break as it sits overnight (external battery/case for iPhone).
  • I’m sorry that some other section of Significantly Large Agency is not answering their phones, but there is nothing I can do to make them change their behavior, nor is there any way for me to solve your problem or answer your question.
  • No, I had no intention of driving my son to school in honor of the first day.  It’s the same school, bus stop, and bus time as the last two years, he’ll manage just fine.
  • We were informed today that we no longer have a choice of calendar style.  The only available option is designed to sit on a desk, and is astoundingly unsuited for use by field personnel.
  • That amalmamation of sand, gravel, and pavement you’re standing in the middle of is called a “driveway”.  As the name implies, people like to use it to drive on.  Now can you move so I can do that?
  • Your utterly failed attempt at a relevant comment that just-so-happens to contain a link does not amuse me.  Spam is not hard to recognize when it flails around gasping and wheezing pitifully for me to KILL IT, KILL IT NOW.


#1 Ron Oakes on 08.26.10 at 3:39 pm

Get the “Akismet” plug in.

98% of the comments recieved on the actual WordPress site for my journal/blog/??? ( at least at the moment) are spam, and 100% of the spam so far has been trapped by Akismet without me having to do anything but flush it from the spam bucket.

#2 LonOtter on 08.26.10 at 4:01 pm

IIRC Akismet uses Java-script, which made it unfriendly to my iPhone. NoSpamNX does not require Java, cookies, or several other things, which is why I’m running NoSpamNX, and it also does a very good job of spam-filtering. However, the spam in question was not to WP, so it’s a moot point.