I was hoping to get the WindyCon program book to the point that I could send it out for proofreading today, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

First, there’s a department that, despite numerous reminder e-mails to the ConCom list and being poked by the Chair, have sent me absolutely nothing.  The deadline was a week ago.  The Chair nudged them one final time, on my request, yesterday.  I do still have some bits of space, so I really wouldn’t mind getting a bit more content, but they’ve pretty much shot my goodwill.  If they want to make up for it in the Pocket Program, they’ve got another think coming.

Advertising is also missing.  Two I’m waiting on amended versions.  One is having their convention this weekend, so I don’t expect to see anything yet.  The other I’m hoping on hearing if they want the page I said yesterday that I could give them.  I kinda hope so. OTOH, ads generally require only dropping in, with sometimes a bit of contrast correction or re-sizing (reading for comprehension is sadly a disappearing skill even in fandom).

I also need some information to finish organization of the content I’ve got.  But I wasn’t clear about my goal for the weekend, so it’s partly my fault.

OTOH, I have it pretty much organized.

Meanwhile, our (color) inkjet printer has been slowly declining.  Most recently it makes a horrible gear-grinding noise when it’s done printing a page, about a third of the time.  So we started looking at printers.  We decided that since we don’t really need color very often, and when we do want quality color we’re sending jobs to Kinko’s anyway, we’d get a black and white printer.  And I suggested a laserjet, which is faster.  Thursday night Ron brought the new printer home.  Happy happy, quick drama-free printing . . . after at least a half-hour of cursing and swearing at the sorely-lacking setup directions.

Yesterday we got some new blinds.  The venetian-style blind for the window behind the couch had broken, and white duct-tape repair intended to get it through fall (we usually cover that window with canvas for the winter to minimize drafts) wasn’t working.  Tried Target, where we’d gotten fabric roman shades for the bedroom and the back porch door in the past.  Nada.  In curtains they had stark white and ugly colors/prints.  In cellular blinds they were out of the size we needed (which IIRC were white anyway).

Off to Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  Apparently if I like something, like fabric shades, it’s a kiss of death.  They’re on clearance, getting rid of their stock.  Nothing in the right size/decent color.  Cellular shades are also no longer acceptably trendy, but we did find the right size in off-white.  We got two more, one for the other window on that wall, and one for the front window by Ron’s desk (as he wanted something better than the blinds we had there). I won’t complain about the 25% off, except that it means they won’t have more in the future.

We got home and discovered that we’d gotten one wider than necessary for the window by Ron’s desk.  But it’s installed anyway.  Ron and Robin also installed the one behind the couch.  Very nice, the new blinds cut down glare, but let in more nicely-diffused light.  I decided not to replace the blinds on the other living room window, as that one’s in good shape, and mostly behind bookshelves (closed) anyway.  I may use the now-extra shade in the dining room or kitchen.  Although I haven’t missed having kitchen window curtains or shades in the years since I took the last ones down.  So probably the dining room, then.
Got my first sale from Etsy Wednesday night.  Yay!

I’ve had it with FaceBook.  The latest stupidity of friends being able to add you to groups has pushed it over the edge of worth keeping up with.  Tomorrow morning my account there goes away.

I probably should go do something not on a computer or my phone for a while.  I’ve been working at the computer a lot today, I’m sure my eyes would appreciate the change.