Sorry about the post back from the end of October and the one that just said something like “tap here to begin writing”.  I was trying to get drafts off my phone, and didn’t realize they’d re-posted.

Robin survived election day.  He got up at 4 am so that he could be to his polling place by 5, and didn’t get home until about 10 pm – they got done about an hour later than the other three precincts at the Township Center because of a recalcitrant paper ballot counting machine.  I offered to let him stay home Wednesday and take a nap, but he declined, as he can’t sleep when it’s light out. None of the chili made it home.

The truck is fixed.  Oh hoo-rah.  Can’t you hear the excitement in my voice?

We decided in view of partial economy that we’d cancel the dog boarding reservation (3 nights, since picking them up in time Sunday is not guaranteed) and one of us will sleep at home.  Probably me, Ron understands the setup and running of soundboards and lighting better than I do.  Sleeping at home does have the advantage of sleeping in one’s own bed, so it’s a tradeoff for the drive. That cuts the WindyCon budget at least in half.

Ron took Robin and 4 shopping bags of paperbacks for the book collection to school, and I really should going to work now.