Spammers, and more (possibly) interesting stuff

I haven’t noticed an up-tick in e-mail spam since that whole Epsilon e-mail address theft.  Comment spam both here and on LJ seems to be up, though.  Could be coincidence, of course, but it is annoying.  Since about that time I’m getting about one per day slipping through the automated filters.  I just shut down comments on one older entry here that several of the comments that got through the filter were to.  OTOH, compared to what the spam filters catch, only a tiny fraction is making it through, so I probably shouldn’t grumble.

In other news, we have a Robin nesting in the dwarf apple tree out front.  At least that’s what Ron, human-Robin, and the UPS guy say.  I couldn’t see the nest this morning, but I wasn’t getting too close, either.

Returned my overly large tote bag last night.  Clerk confirmed that it was, indeed, a large bag, not a medium.  I couldn’t decide between an medium or a small bag, so I got both.  Open-top, they didn’t have any zip-top in the store.  Today I used the small one for Ron’s kilt hose and the iPad (it’s a bit bigger than the bag I’ve been using), and used the medium for my lunch.  The medium is a bit big for lunch.  I may have to get another small one for a lunch bag, the kilt hose seem happy in the small one, and I’ve got at least two more pairs to go…  No, not an excuse for more bag shopping, no, NO!  I deny it!

Started drawing the lot, house, porches, etc. in CAD last night.  Rough start, but I’m getting quicker.  It would help if the (expletive) house was square to the (expletive) lot.  Then I wouldn’t have to draw each thing then (expletive) rotate it.  (which is easier than drawing it (expletive) cattywampus to start with).  No, it isn’t very far out of (expletive) square, but I’m too much of an (expletive) perfectionist/engineer to ignore it.  At least the house is square to itself.  Layers are turning out, not surprisingly, to be A Good Thing.  I forsee having very many of them by the time I finish.

Both of Ron’s kilt hose are at least halfway through the calf increases.  I’m beginning to worry that I won’t see the off-white yarn before I need it.  Then again, mid-week knitting tends to be less productive than during the weekend.