Life Lurches Along

Last Sunday evening I uploaded the WindyCon program book to the printer, so last week I kinda had a life again.

Except that Robin has karate Monday night, and then I have class (Variable Data Technologies – aka personalized Junk Mail 101 ) on Tuesday nights.  Skipped VS on Wednesday, Ron’s tummy was off.

Thursday was Robin’s 18th birthday. Insert mother-of-18-year-old angst here.

We were planning to go out for dinner to celebrate this weekend, but things got in the way.

Friday Ron and I both stayed home with oogy tummies.  Ron’s is/was diverticulitis, with a whopping-great side of antibiotics for said diverticulitis (or to prevent infection because of it). Saturday was continued tummy unhappiness, although in my case eating very small amounts of bland food seemed to be forcing mine into submission. Sunday was more of the same for Ron, although my tummy seems to be better. So we’re postponing dinner at Lal Qila (Indian/Pakistani place) for a week.

And this morning Robin called me when I was about halfway to work, now he’s feeling green.  🙁

But the weekend was not all upset tummies and boredom.

Friday night we went to the school play, “Harvey”. They did a good job, it was enjoyable.

Thursday I went to The Drum Pad to get one of the new heads they’d ordered put on the Darbuka I’d bought. None fit. Comparing it to theirs, we suspect it isn’t the brand it was claimed to be.

As a consolation, Ron took me back to the Drum Pad on Friday and a different drum followed me home – not a darbuka/doumbek, but one like an oversized tambourine. I believe this particular one is supposed to be Brazillian, but drums-with-jingles are a worldwide thing.  While we were there Ron tried the 18″ djembe he’s eyeballed several times.  That was a mistake, it followed us home on Saturday.  It’s the big-big-brother to my djembe.  And much deeper.  Come summer and open windows I think the neighbors are not going to be in any doubt that there’s drums in the house.

Saturday and Sunday was back to the WindyCon Publications Salt Mine. Making a low-res PDF for on-line was easy, but  making EPUBs was a lot more time consuming. Even the one that’s all the same contents as the PDF requires converting everything to single column, some reformatting, then figuring out the conversion in CS5.5 – Things have changed since CS4, complicated by issues with I suspect were related to the beta of the Lion-compatible version of Adobe Digital Editions crashing and burning, which the shutdown-restart  between Saturday night and Sunday morning resolved. Also, iBooks is fussy about extra non-breaking spaces, and bitches about them, a find-and-replace script I was running wasn’t pulling them out like I thought it was, which we tracked down yesterday.    I also made a schedule-only EPUB, which required more cutting (and a bit of pasting). Hopefully those will be shipped off to be posted to the WindyCon website soon.  Then I can start on the pocket program.  I’ll be glad when I’ve got all the pubs done, it really seems to be a drag this year.

Small cooking binge yesterday – rice pilaf with chicken for me and Robin, and mashed potatoes for Ron. At least that was the plan, but Ron and Robin each had both pilaf and potatoes.  🙂  I also put together legume soup for tonight –  chicken/apple sausage (in big enough chunks Ron can eat around them), carrots (although why I bought and used canned instead of the fresh in the fridge is a mystery…), canned zucchini in tomato sauce, Veg-all (yes, I was feeling lazy), red split peas, yellow split peas, lentils, chicken stock, Rogan Josh seasoning, ground cumin, I think maybe some Fox Point seasoning (or was that just in the pilaf?) and probably something else that escapes me now.  I didn’t add the chicken stock until this morning, when I put the crock pot on. Hopefully I didn’t over-lentil it.

I have determined that I’m only buying ebooks through Kobo as an absolute last resort. They do use the same DRM scheme as Sony, which means we can get them into iBooks. OTOH, they never mention that their desktop software requires Adobe Digital Editions (see rantlet below), and we had issues actually downloading the file.

On the one hand I totally understand why authors, publishers, etc. want DRM – they don’t want to get ripped off and deprived of their income by pirates.  Which is why I don’t hate DRM, and will buy DRMed books. I want authors to get paid so that they can keep writing. OTOH, I’d really like to be able to (re-) read all my ebooks with the same application, not have to remember which one this or that book was in.  Sooo, it may happen from time to time that things happen in our house to get books into the reader of choice, and if I want to loan an ebook to someone, that means loaning them the device to read it.

Related to that, Robin’s Literature course this semester (or whole school year, I forget) is all SF. Currently they’re running through some of Burroughs’ “John Carter of Mars” books, they did “The War of the Worlds” earlier, and I forget what else.  So Robin has finally been sucked into the world of ebooks, by using one of our Sony Readers for the public domain titles.

Oh yeah, the Adobe Digital Editions (Adobe’s ebook software) Rant.  It’s actually a rant to both Adobe and Apple: The Venn diagram for your customers has a really big overlap.  Learn to play nice!  Get your carp together and coordinate OS/software updates so we’re not left with software that won’t run!  And nooo, the trial of Digital Editions 1.8 does not run under Lion.  I’ve uninstalled, deleted, emptied the trash, shut down, restarted, re-installed, and it still crashes on startup.  Mutter mutter mutter, damn kids, get off my lawn!

And to finish up, here’s a picture of Robin on his birthday, in the new kilt that was his present. He cleans up rather well, I must say. Even with bed-head.  🙂  Click to embiggen (very big).


#1 JennR on 10.24.11 at 6:55 pm

Heh. Our K won’t be a teenager anymore in less than a month. egads. How did that happen?

#2 mary on 11.18.11 at 5:13 pm

I’ve been using a piece of software called Calibre — which converts between major formats anyway. I haven’t tried it with any DRM books, but you might try it to see how it works.

#3 Lon on 11.18.11 at 5:27 pm

I installed Calibre a couple/few months ago to convert some ebooks to EPUB, but it doesn’t strip DRM.