Not-A-Lot Report

Last week was fairly quiet, after the many kabooms on the third and fourth. Gimi was not a happy puppy again on the night of the fourth, but it wasn’t as bad – I didn’t need to turn on the white noise generator and put his Thundershirt on like I did on the night of the third, when most of the fireworks were.

Ron left Wednesday morning, so we’re back in the Ron-not-home routine. Saturday I worked on the MuseCon book, then we went to the regularly-scheduled MuseCon meeting. Sunday I did a bunch of small stuff around the house, and goofed off.

Last night I got chomped on but good by Bruce. Ouchie. I think I startled him reaching in to pull his shed out. See G+ for a fairly goofy picture of him biting one of his rope-vines after that. I tried to take him out tonight to admire his post-shed shiny skin, but he was being stubborn. Kajura seems to have decided to be a social snake – I open the door, and there they are.

Today I think I amazed my co-workers by picking up a “wild” fox snake who’d been found hiding in some boxes stashed under the eaves of our building. He was in blue pre-shed, and chilly, and very, very mellow and well-behaved. I had to take a good look to see if he was somebody’s anery corn snake that had been dumped, he was so good.

After eating dinner and getting snake food for tomorrow out, the dogs and I decamped to the bedroom. Much better. The temperature out isn’t horrible, but the humidity is.

Robin reports we had water in the basement while he was at CDL training, but only based on where the floor in the laundry area is/was damp. At one point this morning Ron stopped for a short nap between Chicago and Milwaukee, and woke up when one of the computers in his truck beeped to let him know his route was being closed – fortunately, behind him. As far as I can tell, all of Lake County IL is flooded. I encountered water on the road in a couple-three spots on the way home, all in the usual places, worst was only a couple inches deep.

Ron’s currently south of Green Bay, after a trip to Iron Mountain. He was originally going to L’anse, but the schedule altered so that he dropped the trailer with the load to go to L’anse in Roehl’s Green Bay yard. Still da UP, though.

Apropos of which, my sister’s offer on a house in Escanaba has been accpted. Yay Kiely!

Busy Week

Let’s see, I last posted Wednesday. But I forgot to mention that my truck acted up on the way to work, so I dropped it off at the shop.

Ron had been over to his truck for one reason or another every day since getting home, a pattern which continued all week long. Yes, pretty sure that the week off after orientation & training is for truck setup.

Thursday felt like Friday.

Friday I took off for birthday party (mine belated 50th, and Ron’s). I didn’t get quite as much done as I could have. The shop called, they couldn’t get my truck to act up (it had done it once previously, a week or so before, so not a surprise). Probably a transmission thing, choices were to start poking around in the transmission or to wait and see. We opted for wait and see, so all I paid for was the oil change they’d also done.

Saturday morning we had a MuseCon meeting to iron out some bumps that had come up in the road. Which was held in our back yard, and added to the party preparation fun. Between the meeting and the party several strong people got into the trailer and got out gridwall, which is now packed in Mongo the truck until MuseCon.

Then we had the party, which was a little lower-key than Ron’s 50th last year, but still fun. I didn’t go quite as overboard on food, either. Pen met and held Ying, my big carpet python. Other snakes got to come out and be social. Dogs did not for much of the day, due to allergic humans in the house, but survived without *too* much complaining. And when they did come out Gimli decided that Doug was his new favorite person.

Saturday, thanks to the wonder of Amazon Prime, we got a solar trickle charger and a giant stuffed bear skin that were ordered Saturday; and Ron ran to JoAnn and picked up 10 pounds of stuffing for said bear. The trickle charger is so that my truck can go to the yard and be left without the battery running down while Ron is on the road – we’d been waffling about one, but figured it could wait as we thought my truck would be in the shop until the middle of this week, as they were busy. The bear and stuffing are Ron’s co-pilot. There were many interesting comments while Ron stuffed the bear during the party. Most were of questionable taste. Bear is more orange the light brown than Ron was expecting, so it was named Sweet Potato, as in the famous “I Has a Sweet Potato” blog post on LJ.

Ron was supposed to go back on duty at 9:00 am yesterday. He didn’t have a load assigned Saturday night, or when he got up in the morning. Went to the yard, was ready to go, and still no load. I brought his perishable food and a couple other things I found in Mongo, and still no load. I went off fabric shopping, went home, and about lunchtime Ron came home to lurk around the house. Still no load. Fleet Manager said try again in the evening. Nada. This morning they finally had a load, to be picked up in Madison on Wednesday. So Ron’s home for two more days. Waiting and not knowing when he’d get a load was frustrating for him, so this is an improvement.

This morning we discovered that Tanis the corn snake’s enclosure was infested with whopping big flies. Mr. Shop Vac was called into service to suck most of them up, then we completely changed her substrate. As far as I can see they spontaneously teleported in, and that’s the explanation I’m sticking with, especially since we cleaned snake cages on Friday. Then we did some running around – to the yard to get some stuff Ron had left in the truck that he’d need/want before Wednesday; to Dick Blick to NOT use a coupon that was for Michaels, not Dick Blick, oops; lunch; back to the truck for Ron’s trucker’s atlas tablet; and then home with a brief stop for me to run in at Osco for dairy enzyme pills.

This afternoon, since Mr. Shop Vac was sitting out I cleaned up the dog hair and whatnot from the window sill behind the couch, sucked the dust off the fireplace screen, and blew the dust and whatnot off the downstairs bathroom window screen. A little off on the timing, I should have done those things Friday. Oops.

And I’m working on the MuseCon program book. Yes, it’s long, grim slog of doom time. For reasons related to bumps in the road I’ve simplified the page-layout in the programming section a bit, which is making it easier, but smooshing down said bumps will be adding other complexity to make up for it.

I have no special plans for tomorrow, except to cook the rack of ribs I got and forgot to cook on Saturday, and I’m thinking it would be an appropriate time to watch “Independence Day: Resurgence”, probably after watching “Independence Day”. And I expect I’ll be putting Gimli’s Thunder Shirt on tonight. He could have used it last night, but we realized that only after we were in bed, and it was downstairs. Fortunately, although we’ve always had one dog afraid of bangs, they’ve never been of the panic and tear around trying to escape variety of fear. The “worst” problem we had was when I gave Lobo a tranquilizer that kicked in before we went to bed, and Ron had to carry the resulting 65-pound puddle of limp husky up the stairs.  🙂

Ron’s Home!

Ron’s Home!!!

Happy dance! Happy dance! Happy dance!

So, that said…

When last I posted Ron and Tom, his second trainer, had been sent to Vermont instead of California and then Arizona. Given the weather in Arizona lately, this was a really, really good thing. They’d transited through Canada, with happily boring border-crossings, dropped off the load in northern Vermont, and were on their way to Brattleboro, in southern Vermont.

Whereupon I made a couple Lovecraft/”Whisperer in Darkness” (set in Brattleboro) comments on FB, and said he was dooooomed.

Dammit, shouldn’t have done that. Tuesday morning they picked up their load in Brattleboro, and then, through a series of human errors and the forces of physics, broke the truck’s driveshaft U-joint at the differential. The tractor and trailer were towed, and a nice lady at the shop gave them a ride to a motel where they stayed while the truck was being repaired. They hit the road again Wednesday evening.

Thursday they got to the vicinity of their destination in Indiana (late night, both Ron and Tom drove to get there), and made the delivery Friday morning. Another short trip in Indiana made Ron’s fifth.

Thursday evening and early Thursday it looked like Ron would be home today, as he had to do a road test and then be issued his truck and equipment. However, they got the road test done earlier than planned. Ron’s fleet manager didn’t think he’d have enough on-duty/drive time left to get home after getting his truck. She was wrong, but at the price of Ron packing his gear up higgledy piggledy, and getting equipment in his truck pretty much the same.

Meanwhile, on Friday morning I was dithering what I was going to do for lunch, and finally decided to grab a frozen meal, which I could always leave at work if I decided to eat out, as I figured I might have to do some running around to get Ron yard space to park the truck.

Good thing I did. I discovered that the kitchen freezer door hadn’t gotten quite shut the night before, and glaciers had formed on the front edge of each shelf, preventing the door from closing. Fortunately, only a couple things were starting to thaw, so while it was really, really annoying, it wasn’t a crisis.

Robin found a putty knife and scraped off some of the glaciation while I hauled noisy hunting beagles in. We determined that stronger measures would be required, and after a little flailing got to work unloading shelves and applying the heat gun. Fortunately, we have a second freezer in the basement, which Robin plugged in to start cooling to hold the contents of the kitchen freezer. As of today he’s filled the small freezer, and the rest of the big freezer contents will be held in the refrigerator and baked into pies while the freezer is de-frosted tomorrow.

After the freezer drama I went to fill out paperwork and pay the deposit and pro-rated June rent for parking space at the Palumbo yard. By the time I got home from that Robin had lunch ready, and I declared it too late in the day to go to work.

When Ron called and told me he should be home in the next couple hours I realized I’d better go upstairs and fold the laundry that was all over his bed. When he called to tell me he was on the way I figured he might appreciate real food for dinner, and concocted a meatloaf-like substance out of what we had thawed – a pound of ground pork and a pound of Jimmy Dean’s Savory Sage bulk pork breakfast sausage.

I got to the yard and found Ron’s spot before he did, but the weather was comfortable to sit and wait, and I was able to show the security guard the paperwork, so they didn’t leave a cranky note on Ron’s truck (takes a little time for new tenant information to filter down). Ron arrived a few minutes to seven, he got his truck maneuvered into the spot without too much trouble, we transferred all his stuff into Mongo, then Yay! Home!

Gimli’s tail was a red-and-white blur when Ron got out of the truck, and all three dogs were all over Ron once he got through the door. My meatloaf-like substance was quite acceptable. Stuff was hauled in and upstairs, food put out of dog range, and we went up to get ready for bed in reasonably short order.

The dogs snubbed Ron Friday night, but by Saturday morning they pounced on him at 5:30 and had clearly forgiven him. Saturday morning we unpacked and sorted Ron’s bags, that had been packed in a hurry and were highly dis-organized (so that he just brought everything home, since he couldn’t remember what was where).

Saturday morning I went with Ron to take some things back to the truck, got a boost up to see the interior of the cab, and marvel that is the idiocy of Armor-all on the floor and grab handle. Then we went shopping . . . and shopping . . . and shopping. There was also a stop for lunch in there. When you wake up at 5:30, you can do a lot of shopping in the morning. Why all the shopping? Truckers have been doing the “tiny house” thing for decades before it got hip, so lots of homewares-type stuff – throw rug, whisk broom and dustpan, blah blah blah, plus basic tools, multiple pairs of cheap gloves, etc.

Sunday morning Robin went with Ron and I to the truck, they straightened out chains and did some other jobs, and I scrubbed said slippery dangerous floor. Ron says it did help. I took some pictures., which can be found here:

You can’t tell, but there’s enough room in the cab for Ron to stand up straight. The bunk is a twin-size mattress. The cab only has a single bunk, with lots of storage space cabinets and shelves above, all the way around, even over the front windshield. The seats are comfortable, the driver’s seat has adjustable lumbar support with a massage function. The cab is also a long way off the ground. Ron said Mongo the pickup feels small and low. I told him I considered taking the Kia to pick him up, just to see his reaction to how low and small it is. 🙂

Sunday afternoon I worked on the MuseCon program book.

Ron went to the truck again Monday, which is now pretty much (re-) packed, except for the laundry he needs to wash and a couple things on the way from Amazon. And then he picked me up at work and we went to lunch (Panda Express – such luxury). Ron goes back on duty Sunday morning, so he will be home for my birthday party on Saturday. Yay!


So, last week when I wondered why Ron didn’t get handed off to his new trainer at the Appleton, WI terminal instead of riding down to Gary to do so? He ended up riding with someone going from Gary back up to Appleton to meet his new trainer. Then there were problems with new trainer’s truck, and getting a part, so a trip to da UP didn’t happen, and then a trip to California and then working their way back east and hopefully picking up Ron’s truck in Arizona this week didn’t happen.

Instead, they went to Vermont, by way of Canada. That was trip 3 of the 5 Ron has to do on his own, so he could still finish the last two up this week, since the drop-off in Vermont was first thing this morning. After the delivery in northern Vermont he had to go to southern Vermont (not sure if that’s empty or loaded), about which I made smart-aleck comments on how little time that would take. Because Vermont: not one of the big sprawling states.

And now I have a craving for maple sugar, because I associate Vermont with maple sugar and marble. My grandpa was from Vermont, and marble-topped tables and other bits of marble, along with maple sugar and syrup, would follow my grandparents home from trips to Vermont.

So anyway, the long, grim slog of doom training month-plus continues. Not sure if Ron will be doing a set of trips (11-14 days) once he picks up his truck, or if he gets a break fairly soon after. But, after the training period the new drivers usually whole week off. Which means that he could be home for his birthday on July 1st and maybe through the 4th. OTOH, as a New Guy he could very well get stuck working over the 4th. We’ll see.

Changing gears completely, how traumatic is a snake bite? Well, Nageswari bopped my hand several times when I was spot-cleaning her enclosure and refilling her water yesterday, and I thought they were mouth-closed “go away and quit bothering me” taps. Nope, she did bite and drew blood. Not a lot, but there are some marks. Some of those could be from Tanami, who I think mistook my hand for food. He grabbed on and held for a minute (and his eye-spots made him look slightly puzzled), then let go and was his usual good-natured self. This is not outrageous behavior for Tanami, as Woma pythons have a strong feed response. I probably should work on tap-training (both myself and the snakes) which is where you gently tap the snake with a hook or rolled-up paper, or something not-your-hand before you pick them up, so you don’t startle them, and they know it isn’t feeding time.

Had Bruce out for a while, and he went for an explore on the stairwell handrail. I got lots of pictures, since I could let him play without worrying too much about him escaping, which left me both hands free.

Moresby later spent a while throttling me and exploring my head and shoulders, and helped me take the bucket of snake-garbage out to the wheelie bin. He also helped hold my phone with his tail while I was talking to Ron. And said “pfft” to me a lot – when both he and Bruce get excited and/or holding on tightly to something they say “pfft” (which is definitely not a hiss), and Bruce will occasionally make other little squeaky noises. Its rather silly, and cute. Robin was laughing at me and Moresby for saying pfft at each other.

Friday and Saturday were hot and sticky, yesterday was much nicer. We turned the A/C units to fan-only and opened the bedroom doors to get fresh air in the rooms. I was more comfortable with the fan on (low) than off in the living room, but even with the fan off it was better than Saturday.

Hot & Sticky Monday

Yesterday was Robin’s last day slaving in the pizza mines! Yay! The one-hour block scheduled for today was an error. IIRC he’s going to start going to CDL training on Wednesday; Mondays they have limited or no classes, and Tuesday evenings he goes to gaming, so his plan is to make Mondays and Tuesdays his weekends. Works for me.

Robin and I went to see Wonder Woman last week. It was really, really good. We both enjoyed it. In my head-canon Princess Buttercup grew up to be General Antiope (same actress).

I finished cleaning the computer desk Friday night. There’s still a small pile of papers on the scanner that should go live elsewhere, and a significant pile of junk on the floor between the desk and the ball pythons, but the desk itself is less cluttered than its been for a while. Note to self: make labels or a list of what I put in which drawers, so Ron can find things.

Saturday morning I got the MuseCon program book as far as I can for the moment. After lunch and Robin leaving for work I went up to the air-conditioning to take a nap, since the dogs got me up annoyingly early, and I stayed up way too late Friday night. Saturday night I didn’t stay up as late, and the dogs didn’t get me up quite as early. But I still fell asleep on the couch mid-morning yesterday, with a nice breeze from the window and another from the fan. In the afternoon I retreated to the AC again and changed water in the fish tanks.

When that was done I still didn’t want to go downstairs, so I re-arranged some small storage furniture in the bedroom, which has been needing to be done since Robin put the air conditioners in last week. I “stole” some shelves from Ron and grafted them together with mine. When I was done, the combined shelves still held everything they did before moving, plus Danger Noodle’s tub, through the magic of putting photography equipment into a photo bag that was mostly empty. Now we can get to the dressers and Danger Noodle isn’t in front of the air conditioner or un-shaded window, or partially blocking access to my dresser (which he’s been doing for last week).

Ron and his trainer (named Gary) made stops in Iowa, bounced around Wisconsin over the weekend, and are now back in Gary Indiana, where Ron will be handed off to a different trainer, as it’s time for Gary to have some home-time. Ron’s has to do, IIRC, five trips “on his own” (ie: trainer only observing), and I think at this point he has one down – they didn’t count two or three really short ones today separately. Not sure why they couldn’t hand Ron off to somebody at the Wisconsin Roehl terminal they were to-ing and fro-ing from, presumably it has something to do with Ron doing his training in Gary.

Settlin In to New Routine

In the last week Ron and his trainer (who’s name promptly fell out of my brain) have moved steel, concrete formwork, and hardwood gym flooring, making deliveries and/or pickups in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, and are currently in Georgia. We have a Google Keep list of things to get when Ron gets his own truck. I have a rolling Google Keep list of things I need to do.

Monday Robin put the air-conditioning units in the master bedroom, Yay! Comfortable sleep again! Which means now there’s an item on my to-do list of re-arranging some shelves and things that were moved, and to re-locate Danger Noodle so his tub isn’t sitting right in front of the AC output on my side of the room. I also need to make a new draft stopper, currently using a rolled towel.

Floating to the top of my to-do list is doing the MuseCon program book. The first step of *that* is cleaning the computer desk. This morning the whole desk was a vaguely flat surface with monitor screens rising from the sea of mess. Even the chair was encumbered. Not conductive to doing, well, anything. Since the first content deadline for the book is tomorrow night at midnight, I really need to get the desk cleaned up. Started that task, and actually cleared enough carp to make it possible to use the computer. Along the way I found *eight* pairs of non-prescription reading glasses. Plus there’s two more over by the couch. Now, I know a pair or two lived at Ron’s desk at Toshiba previously, and they’re not all the same power, but ten pairs is fecking ridiculous. And I may have sent Ron a shouty e-mail or two to that effect.

On Sunday I got the snake enclosure re-arranging done – Kajura moved to a bigger enclosure in the bedroom, and the short black enclosures moved to the living room. I still haven’t swapped Moresby and Sif, but at least there’s been some progress. Kajura still seems to be busybody snake, so not all the out-and-about-ness in the small tub was from limited space. Robin helped by rearranging shelves for the black enclosures, and carrying them downstairs and putting them on the shelves.

Buford also seems to be getting a little braver. I’m seeing his snoot at the hide entrance fairly regularly, and Saturday through Monday morning, before there was AC in the room, Buford was actually seen out of his hide, and for a while was soaking in his water dish. I haven’t seen him in his dish since Monday, so I suspect the soaking was to keep cool.

Tuesday I was completely exhausted, so after I let the dogs out and fed them at the normal time, I went back to bed. I think the problem was mainly that the bedroom had been too warm for me to sleep comfortably for several nights – even though windows were open on both sides, there just wasn’t enough air flow for the room to be comfortable until the early hours of the morning. Still a bit tired, but I feel like I’m catching up.

Last night I took Pippin to the vet. Bacterial infection in one ear. I think Gimli cleaning the ear was more of a symptom than a cause, but it certainly didn’t help. Fortunately, the treatment is oral meds, and the goo the vet did put in Pip’s ear won’t hurt Gimli, and apparently smells/tastes icky, so he hasn’t been trying to clean it much, either. Otherwise, the only solution we (me, Robin, and the vet) could come up with was to put both Gimli and Pippin into Cones of Shame. Not something I wanted to deal with.

Robin said he had four days left at Pizza Workplace, but I see he also has an additional one hour on the calendar for Monday evening. I need to ask if that’s dropping off keys and whatnot, actual work-work, or just an oops. I also want to ask if the pair of Ron’s shorts that appeared in one of the dog beds was tossed there by Robin when he was doing the air-conditioners, or if a dog moved it. 🙂

Success! Ron’s on the Road!

Tuesday Ron spent doing nothing at the motel while, presumably, discussions were discussed. They must have been successful, because about 8:00 Wednesday morning I got a smiley-face text from him. Paperwork was straightened out, and he was now officially a Roehl employee. Yay!

Wednesday Ron also mostly spent thumb-twiddling, as his trainer was in transit from Pennsylvania to Gary. This morning Ron did some errands, and the trainer picked him up midday-ish. Their destination was . . . Crystal Lake, IL. Yeah, right up Route 14 from home. I managed to track the location of Ron’s phone just when they were on the far side of the intersection of 14 and Quentin, so I got to “watch” them pass our street.

When I got home they were still in Crystal Lake, and so I let Ron know that I could be waiting somewhere semi-friendly (and had a suggestion of where) if Ron needed anything from home, but he didn’t. A while later I checked his phone location, and it was just up 14, so I grabbed Gimli and Pippin and walked up to the corner. We got the timing perfect, like we meant to do that – I got to the corner, checked my phone, and waved when they went by a minute or two later on the way back to Gary. Ron was driving, and did see us and waved. Tommy was too busy Tommy-things in the back yard to come in when I called, so he lost out.

Week One Done

Week one of Ron’s training with Roehl (pronounced “rail”) is done. He’s filled out the paperwork to be hired, contingent on a piece of paperwork. One. Fecking. Piece. Of. Paperwork.

A week ago, the first day of training was filling out some forms, and a new DOT physical. Now, he had a DOT physical before starting CDL training, but Roehl requires a physical for (almost) every new driver. Ron wasn’t terribly impressed with the doctor, who disappeared off into the sunset, along with a copy of his BiPap record printout.

Tuesday through Thursday were spent faxing and e-mailing forms to Ron’s psychologist; and the doctor who did the physical for Roehl not responding. Fortunately, Roehl’s safety department was working with Ron and our doctors directly. On Friday they sent a form to Dr. P, Ron’s primary care physician. Ron was going to call when she’d finished it, so I could get a hard copy, take pictures, and use an app that converts those to PDF for faxing/e-mailing and send them to Ron.

Mid-afternoon I was getting antsy, and didn’t want to get to the office too late, so I headed out, despite not yet having heard from Ron, I got there just as Dr. P was working on the form. Unfortunately, she’s not DOT certified, so she couldn’t completely bless his driving. I think she was talking to Dr. L., who did the first physical, and has seen Ron and off for years, but for whatever reason he didn’t sign the form.

She faxed it to Roehl, I e-mailed it. Roehl called Dr. P. Not sure what the result is/was, but not resolved yet. Dr. P. is less than a week from her pregnancy due-date, so at worst, we see if we can get Dr. L. to take over and sign the (expletive) form(s). However, someone higher up at Roehl has also been involved since not-sure-when, so hopefully this all gets resolved tomorrow, so Ron can start Phase 2 of training.

Anyway, besides the death of a thousand duck-nibbles last week, Ron was also doing training in the classroom, Roehl’s yard, and some road driving. He needs to work on his backing skills, but is not the worst in the class. Doing the math to figure out how many tie-downs a load needs was, not surprisingly, easy for him.

Saturday evening I trekked to Gary to see Ron, and drop off a sleeping bag, his prescription sunglasses, and some other odds and ends. Sleeping bag, because the orientation material listed the wrong mattress/sheet size. Grumble. I didn’t go Friday because I expected traffic out of Chicago would be insane. Saturday for the trip to Gary the expressways were full-ish, but moving along. Coming home traffic was fairly light and I had to use cruise control from doing serious violence to speed laws.

Robin’s down to two weeks at Pizza Workplace. He’s not counting down the days. Yet.

I meant to do the last of the snake cage messing about today, but ended up having a serious whine-attack, and all I’ve accomplished is coloring a picture of Tanami, my Woma python. And I’ll expect I’ll put away the non-perishable groceries I got yesterday, and which are still cluttering up the stove; and then I can make dinner, and I should do a batch of dishes.

This evening Ron finally thought of Skype video chat. Duuuuh. I’ve had a Skype account for ages that I rarely use, and never thought of.

Maximum Acceleration!

When last we left this roller-coaster ride, it was Wednesday, and we were slowly clanking toward the top of the first hill, with Ron scheduled to start orientation with Roehl Transportation in Gary on Memorial Day.

Good thing we’d started shopping last week, and I will admit Amazon Prime’s fast delivery turned out to be a really good thing.

Friday morning I set off for work, and Ron to get breakfast and do some shopping. Before I got to work, admittedly slowed down by road construction, Ron called to tell me that a space had opened up in this week’s orientation class, and he’d be starting Moday, aka TODAY.

AAAAAAARGH!!! Top of the hill!!!

Ron shopped Friday morning. We checked lists Friday night. Saturday morning we discovered that there’s a Carhartt company store in Gurnee, an expedition was made, and fundage exchanged for useful clothing – shirts, a hoodie and insulated vest, coveralls, a hat, a pair of shorts for Robin (so he’ll have something non-pizza-infused), possibly another pair of pants, and probably one or more other things I’m forgetting.

Came home, packed, checked lists. Another trip out for something we forgot. Sunday morning was final packing. And a stop on the way out for the last couple things. Ron didn’t quite get everything into his two (heavy!) duffel bags, but it was close – one small tote bag not-full in addition to the duffels and his purse. But that packing included the coveralls and outerwear that will eventually just live in “his” truck.

And the snake housing project? Ron did get Fezzik’s new enclosure finished. Sunday morning he got it in place and Fezzik moved in. Also clipped the dog claws. The rest of the snake housing project is now my problem, with my blessing.

And now Fezzik’s old enclosure is cluttering up the living room. I can’t win for empty snake enclosures in the living room. I may have Robin move it into my truck just to get it out of the house. Also empty boxes and shopping bags and packing materials. Those will be dealt with by garbage day on Wednesday.

Yes, this post is more or less scatterbrained.

Sunday midday we went to Xap’s for X2’s graduation not-a-party. Tommy, as Ron’s dog, and X2’s buddy, and Xap’s family are all more or less dog people, got to come along. He was a very good dog, and didn’t really try to do much about the cat seen through the screen door. Elliot the dog in a cat body Did Not Approve of Tommy and said so in bad cat language, but they stayed on opposite sides of the door, so that was ok. Tommy didn’t bay. At all. That was very strange, but I’m not complaining.

Then we set out for Gary. It was an uneventful trip. Got there, found the motel, decided to get dinner, and consulted Google, which led us to a highly-rated local Chinese place. Which turned out to be a scroungy little hole in the wall, but many good restaurants are scroungy little hole in the walls. And this turned out to be one of those. I expect most of the business is pickup/delivery. The food was good, and the portions generous.

Dropped Ron back off at the hotel, let Tommy out to investigate the hotel lawn, and then we said goodbye to Ron and headed home. About an hour later we arrived, Robin happily accepted the leftovers for his dinner, and I was more or less mobbed by the dogs. And mobbed again this morning. They’ve known Something Was Up since about Wednesday, started Disapproving on Saturday, and Sunday morning we glaring at and/or snubbing Ron. Well, Ron says Gimli was glaring, I contend that’s impossible – Gimi can do sad and tragic, but I don’t think he knows how to glare.

Accelerating Rate of Change!

Ron did his CDL testing Monday morning: pre-trip oral exam, skills test of driving in the yard, and road-testing. Passed all three, yay! Tuesday, after the testing results propagated through the Secretary of State system, he went and got his new CDL issued. Yay! On Sunday, Robin gave Pizza Workplace a whole month notice. Yay! That’s double what I’d have given them, but as I said on G+, he’s all responsible and nice that way.

Monday night Ron had filled out an on-line application with Roehl Transportation, Inc. Yesterday a recruiter called, Yay! They talked, e-mail and forms exchanged, and he starts orientation on Memorial Day. Gleep!

Orientation is in Gary, IN, for a week, and Roehl pays for a (shared) motel room and two meals per day. Assuming training goes well, he actually gets hired, and goes out on the road with a trainer for a couple-few weeks. After that, he hopefully gets to stop in at home for a day or three before he goes on to driving on his own. He’ll be doing flatbed work, out for a week and a half or so, and home for three days. This will be a change.Which means we have Things To Get Done, and also get, before he leaves for Gary, such as:

  • CPAP battery – obtained, testing tonight.
  • Work boots – obtained. And he found steel-toed boots that fit, in stock, at the local Red Wing dealer (if anybody was going to manage it, Red Wing was).
  • Parking for cab and trailer when he’s home – investigations started.
  • Bedding, because I don’t think we have any twin sheets left in the house – ordered.
  • Duffel bags, because probably more amenable to fitting into a sleeper cab then suitcase(s), – ordered.
  • Finish the Snake Re-Arranging project.
  • Obtaining necessary other smaller stuff and packing it up – some things ordered, others, like work gloves, need to be obtained in person for fit.

Fortunately, we have on-line shopping and a week and a half to get it all sorted, as opposed to the half-week I’d misunderstood it to be when Ron first told me about the job on the phone yesterday afternoon.

On Saturday we did get Fezzik’s new enclosure mostly assembled, and built a perching/climbing bar for it out of PVC. Its currently sitting in the living room while the silicone sealant cured. We just have to put heat tape on the bottom, a light on the top, and put the top panel on – we were S-M-R-T-Smart and left the top off to make it easier to install the perch and light. On Sunday Ron and Robin took the empty glass enclosures and some other odds and ends that had been cluttering up the other end of the living room over to storage, and brought back the A/C units (and Robin put his in). And the empty glass enclosure we’ll be moving Kajura into got moved up to our room, as well as books off of the shelves above the ball pythons.

So this weekend we’ll finish up Fezzik’s enclosure and get him into it, the short enclosures Moresby and Dizzy are in will go downstairs to the shelves above the BPs, Moresby and Sif will swap enclosures, and Kajura will move into a larger enclosure, with about quadruple the space, where the short enclosures are currently. Kajura has doubled in weight (from 16 to 32 grams) in the two months since coming home with me (and I think is about to shed again, ie: growing like a weed), and is pretty fearless, so I decided they’d be fine going into that enclosure, instead of an intermediate size. And Fezzik’s current enclosure will be Removed From The House, Dammit, before Ron leaves for orientation.

That will still leave a chair or two and some smallish boxes of stuff that are lurking around the back door to be dealt with, but I expect to deal with them myself while we finish Fezzik’s enclosure upgrade, or Memorial Day weekend.

I have an idea for re-locating Nyar’s enclosure once Robin hits the road, but that will require obtaining another enclosure (which will probably be Nyar’s, with Lummy the tortoise moving into Nyar’s current one, and Lummy’s stock tank becoming his outdoor pen), but we have a little time. If that doesn’t work out before Robin goes, Robin has to either re-arrange his room somewhat, or at very least clear me a path (his room isn’t terrible, but Nyar isn’t right next to the door, either). I might need a schleppage assistance moving Nyar’s current enclosure from Robin’s room to the living room, but the rest of that project I can do myself. As long as I can find/get to the cordless drill (which is currently under Lummy’s table).

And I’m going to be going back to cooking (Ron’s been doing most of it since leaving Toshiba), and from cooking for 2-3 to 1-2. Yes, it makes a difference.

I may *sound* like I’m all planned and prepared, but in actuality I feel like I’m running around in circles squawking like a chicken. Sometimes. Invoking Amazon Prime for several items helped.