PS on car

Saturday morning I inventoried the Kia since I’m the one who usually drives it.  Nothing missing.  I almost wish the iPass had grown little feet, as then we could have filed a supplemental police report and point it out to insurance as additional evidence of shenanigans.  The iPass being the most valuable thing in the car, except maybe the jack or spare tire.

Only visible damage to the Kia is a some paint scuffing on the back bumper.  I just went out and thumped the bumper, it doesn’t feel like there’s any structural damage.  I wonder how much damage to the other car is supposed to be attributed to the Kia, and just how that was supposed to happen without reciprocal damage to the Kia.

Quack! – DucKon report

My DucKon report starts Friday night, about 10 pm, when I got a call from a ConCom member looking for Ron, who wasn’t answering his phone and couldn’t be found. (whoever was looking for him must not have actually met Ron – he’d been sitting  on a couch-like bench in the hallway outside Filk…)

The Kia had slipped its parking brake, we suspect with help, and hit another car.  We suspect help because said car was two spaces down across the aisle.  If it had just slipped its brake (or the brake hadn’t been set at all) I could see it going straight back or a little bit to one direction, but not that far.  Best guess is idiots who were going to go for a joyride, but were discouraged by something, possibly the fact that the Kia is a pig at very low speeds, not having power steering.

Unfortunately for my sleep needs, I’d been asleep when the call came, and I didn’t get back to sleep until midnight or later.

Saturday morning Robin loaded up the truck.  Then he couldn’t find his karate uniform, so I went down to the hotel earlier than planned.

Hung out in the Filk room mostly.  I did visit the Dealer’s Room and Art Show.  I couldn’t afford the Ursula Vernon (Artist GoH, see link in previous post) original art in the Art Show, but I did wish.  She was away from her table in the Dealer’s Room doing a panel on my first trip there.  Later Ron went down and exercised admirable restraint in regard to prints.   He got me Three Tails, and got himself Rat Nouveau: Lemons.  (don’t worry, nothing naughty with either piece, but DeviantArt may throw a generic NSFW warning – some of Ursula’s work might cause vapors and pearl-clutching in the little old lady brigade)

The Dealer’s Room was kinda wonky, arrangement-wise.  But it wasn’t a simple rectangular (ie: easy to set up) room, either.  There were corners and pillars and other nonsense that had to be worked around.

Got the party room 3:30-4:00-ish, and got our stuff out of the truck.  First move was to turn the thermostat to maximum cooling.  There were sufficient tables, so it was one easy/light handtruck-load.

Ron and I then adjourned back to the Dealer’s Room where I got a new underbust corset.  It’s kinda rust with some red-gold, panels of satin.  I also got a black lightweight cotton chemise to wear under it.  It’s thin enough I left my (black) skirt on underneath it.  And later I’m pretty sure I got garb-snarked.  Going down a hallway toward our party room someone in an oncoming group said she should get ribbons or stickers or something for people with (garbled)-fitting corsets.  Whatever.  I also got multiple compliments.  And male eyeballs.  🙂  But my attitude is that if I’m wearing a corset I’m pretty much inviting visual attention.

Food arrived with various people, Mr. Slushy was slushing, and eventually pizza was ordered for dinner.  Then we finished final party setup, which was putting food out and scattering the samples around.  We ended up with a side table with a big shockfossil and an impressive display of blinkies.  The fact that that part of the party room was under-lit showed the shiny, glowing, blinking things off well.

We seem to have successfully achieved Stupid Amounts of food.  We even had some fresh fruit.  And slushies, of course.  I think traffic through the party was pretty good.  It died off to almost nothing during the Tesla Coils, but that was no surprise.  When I left around 11 the room was still pretty full.  Haven’t heard from Ron what happened after that or when they closed up.

Staying home today, even though it turned out that I had a weekend badge.  I got my allowance of sociability for the weekend yesterday, I’m afraid I’d be cranky if I went back today.  I might have done differently if I hadn’t been up late Friday night.  Or if the AC in the hotel was better.  I spent much of yesterday too warm and sweaty.

I was thinking of playing with re-dyeing a couple of the bandanas today, but I don’t think I have sufficient brain cells. I could poke at the MuseCon program book, but shortage of brain cells.  So maybe I’ll just work on the current pair of kilt hose.

Shameless DucKon plug

Ok, we’re working on getting the DucKon LiveJournal community off the ground.  Point yourself at   to stay afloat of the news.  Facebook and Twitter users can also follow DucKon on those sites, although I don’t know much, even though I’m theoretically in charge of them as Publications, and have cheerfully delegated them to FB and Twitter users…

comfort & sleep

Left DucKon shortly after…noon? Picked up dogs, headed home. After the 3 of us went through Stupid Amounts of water I retireed to the tub, and eeventuaally bed. My bed. My pilllows. My coverrs. Fresh air & normal outside noises. Dog not-quite snugggled up. Life is good. ZZZZZZZZZZZ

Woke up a bit ago to the sight of Eowyn sleeping in her cratee on her back, legs & paws sprawling. Yeah, cratte training is soooooooooo cruel (as per idiot British bimbo on Animal Planet).

More Stuff

Friday I ended up staying home to take Ron to the doctor for conjunctivitis.  Which was no better this morning (and possibly worse, complete with swelling), so he called Dr. Marcos, who called in prescriptions for different drops and an oral antibiotic (Dr. Marcos says sinus infections can mimic conjunctivitis).  Something is working, Ron seems to be improving already.

SCA event yesterday, Ragnorak Rampage and Rokkhealden’s 35th birthday bash, in Big Rock, IL.  Sprout and I went, Ron went to the DucKon pre-party.  Didn’t have fantastic sales, but it wasn’t a big event, either.  Satisfactory sales for the size, I’d say.  We did get a bit of rain in the early afternoon, but dried out by the time we headed home.  I resisted all shopping, including two cotton saris and a pretty cotton gauze scarf.  Got lots of knitting done on the current socks. 

At the moment the boys are off to Games Plus, Rakham is discontinuing their line of unpainted miniatures, which are also on sale.  There goes the lawnmowing money Sprout’s earned so far.

Pot roast is in the oven.  The brats at the party yesterday were reputedly to die for, so I have brats, sliced onions, and beer in the crock pot to simmer all day tomorrow, to see if they compare favorably.  Wondering if I should move to the bigger crock pot and add more onions.  Which reminds me, when I turn the pot roast, I need to add garlic.

Finished the DucKon staff book Thursday night, and have a header for the at-con newsletter.  The survey is substantially done, waiting on the dining guide.  Tomorrow   and I are going to work some more on the newsletters.  IM is good.  

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Program Book Progress

Over the last week or so I’ve been accumulating files for the DucKon Program Book – bringing them into separate files in InDesign, crunching them through the very slick find/replace function to do things like get rid of extra spaces and hard returns, and converting to my chosen fonts. 

Today I finally sat down and wrapped my head around automation of page numbers, repeating text on pages, etc., and started out the for-real main document.  I had some trouble with the auto-magic Table of Contents (ToC) processing, which seemed to be not happening.  Turned out to have to do with the formating on the text I was bringing in. 

I’ve got a lot more ads than last year, I think one of the major issues is going to be distributing them through the book, without becoming utterly predictable (ie: even pages ads, odd pages content).  I’d also like to put at least some of the ads with somewhat-related content – like the ad for a gaming convention near the game descriptions. 

Dead Diary Entry #666

Let us all observe a moment of silence for The Sprout, whose foot has healed enough that he was able to resume gym class yesterday.  Poor poor abused teenager.  Snork!

I finally saw Dr. Wanda yesterday about the various freckles and things on my back, which has been sunburned more times than I care to think about.  I figured I’d be getting a referral to a dermatologist.  Wrong-O!  Just keep an eye on that little-bitty spot there.  My BP was good, too.

The DucKon Program Book (did I mention that I’m qnofhrt’s second for Programming, and that we’re also doing the Program Book?) seems to be lurching along on a reasonable schedule.  Not the schedule I wanted, but I haven’t had to do too much bludgeoning of people to make content appear.  The balance of power seems to be that qnofhrt is in charge of Programming, I send e-mail as necessary and listen to her vent; I’m in charge of the Program Book, qnofhrt sends e-mail as necessary and listens to me rant.  Efficient, no?  

At Sunday’s ConCom meeting I hoovered up a bunch of cool artwork from the resident artists.  It all probably would have fit on my DucKon-dedicated thumb drive, but I appropriated Ron’s portable USB hard drive when I got home.  

Apropos of the Program Book, I like Adobe In Design.  Is good.  Is nice.  Is nifty keen-o.  Is spiffiest page-layout tool ever.  Makes Word stink like dead fish in sun for a week.  Only possible problem is options.  Lots and lots of options.  So many options it makes brain go splort and syntax go all ‘splody from da cool!

Ahem.  Yes, I do seem to be enjoying the Publications thing.  I may just stay on for next year.

*I* can’t wait for school to let out, and The Sprout to escape the clutches of Mrs. Fruitcake Biology Teacher.  One month from today, as it happens.  

Busy Day

Today was the first day of registration for summer school for High School District 211.  I wasn’t particularly worried about the class Sprout wants to take (Health, so he can take something more interesting next year) filling up, but I didn’t want to put it off and forget about it, either.  The registration process was best described as . . . FUBAR.  It turns out this year was to inaugurate a completely computerized auto-magic system, that as best I can tell was never tested under anything approaching a realistic load.

On-line reg opened at 7.  The web server seemed to be overloaded.  The summer school catalog said in-person reg at the schools would start at 7:30, which is about when I arrived at PHS.  The administration thought it opened at 8, and so were far from ready.  Then they discovered the server was down, but that was ok, the counsellors weren’t planning on being available until lunchtime anyway (apparently under the assumption students wouldn’t be interested in registering until then, despite the line of waiting parents AND students).  Dirty looks and growling later, somebody realized that wasn’t going to fly, and appeared with paper forms.  And because the server had crashed, no information on summer bus routes/schedules was available.  But Sprout can check on that in a day or so. 

Got out, called the doctor’s office for a follow-up appointment on Sprout’s foot.  Unfortunately, not until 10:00.  I went home, killed an hour, then went back and picked him up.  His foot is healing well, but no gym for the rest of the week.  He’s so sorry about that.  We’d gotten into or through his lunch period, so we got Subway, which was another thing he didn’t complain about. 

I’ve also contacted the Department of Revenue for the vendor forms for DucKon in my role as speaker-to-beauracrats for the Dealer’s Room staff.  Nagged said staff for the list of dealers and their merchandise (ie: asked Ron where the heck he was hiding the file), and started formatting it for the Program Book.  Made our hotel reservations, sent it to the right person to get into the GT room block, and made the boarding reservation for the dogs.

The scary thing is, I have this feeling I’m forgetting something.