Not Exactly a Fun Long Weekend

Thursday night we talked about Eowyn. Ron and I agreed it was probably about that time; and while Robin didn’t agree, he didn’t disagree either. I had suggested taking her Saturday morning, but on Friday morning I think we realized that it was just dragging out the unhappiness for us, so I took a personal day (Ron had decided a couple weeks ago to take a vacation day, since his office was going to be a ghost town anyway), we piled everybody in the truck (since Elrond was due for vaccinations), made a stop for an Egg McMuffin for Eowyn, and went to the vet’s office.

Here’s a blog post from Saturday with a not-too-old picture of a happy, healthier Eowyn:

I really like Care Animal Hospital. We don’t generally see any specific vet, and I’ve liked all of them. Saturday we saw Dr. Sheridan. I’m assuming he looked at our chart, or maybe just us; he didn’t question our decision (not that we’d have had a problem if he’d wanted to talk about it), and he didn’t rush anything. Eowyn’s breathing was pretty raspy, even just standing in the exam room. I think he felt bad about it, too. The staff brought in a blanket for Eowyn, which she of course ignored until we insisted. Stubborn wench.

Given that everywhere we’ve ever dug in the yard we’ve encountered rocks, the ungodly heat, Ron’s back, yadda yadda, we opted for cremation. Ouchie, that’s gone up since it was Lobo’s time.

After we dropped Robin and Elrond off at home, Ron and my laptop and I went up to B&N to work on the program book (I did ask Robin if he’d wanted us to stay home and keep us company). I’d gotten to the point  where I just couldn’t stand the sight of the bedroom any more. Not so much because of the empty dog bed, just from feeling cooped up because of the heat.

And at B&N we could practice our denial skills and pretend that nothing was different at home.

Yes, we bought drinks and pastries at the cafe, and also a couple books.

Came home, moped around, went out for dinner, and then to Hobby Lobby. While Robin got the diorama supplies he was there for, I loitered around the fabric section. I found some things I liked, but that I wouldn’t wear myself. But I realized my dolls could and would, so 3 or 4 1-yard pieces of calico followed me home. I took pictures, but I left my phone at home today, sorry.

Sunday Saturday morning we looked at local shelter websites. We were thinking another medium or large dog, probably a short coat, maybe a hound (we’d started talking about “next dogs” in vague terms a couple-few months ago).

One problem with the general rescues, at least locally to us, is the abundance of pit bulls and pit-mixes. I know pits can be very sweet wonderful dogs, but I also know someone who has horrible problems getting a vet, groomer, boarding, etc. for hers just because he’s a big pit bull. I really don’t want to deal with that, so the pits and mixes that have very “bully” faces were out IMO.

First we went to The Buddy Foundation, in Arlington Heights. Of our short-list, everybody was out for one reason or another, but they suggested a husky-cross, Rooney, that I had thought looked too bully ( He was from Chicago Animal Control, and they have no clue how Chicago AC determined that he was a husky mix. We met him, he is a very sweet dog, and looks less bully in person. Elrond seemed ok with him, but ignored him pretty pointedly.  We decided to think about it.

Next stop (since Kay’s Animal Shelter didn’t list any dogs we were interested in) was Save-A-Pet. Years ago  we’d adopted cats from them, when they were on Rand Rd. in Palatine, raising money for their current facility, which is in Grayslake.

We had a pretty long “short” list, but had also noted dogs we were especially interested in on that list. One thing I don’t like about Save-A-Pet is that they let people browse through the kennel areas, mostly unattended. They ask you to stay in the middle of the aisle, and not to stop right in front of a kennel and look right at the dogs – because then they get wound up thinking you’re a new volunteer who’s going to take them for a walk. The lady with two little girls who was in front of us clearly was incapable of following instructions. Insert cranky scathing muttering here.

Anyway, after going through the kennels and seeing who was there, we asked about three dogs:

Dexter, a husky:

Bella, a hound:

and Cody Bear, a Wolfhound/Schnauzer mix:

Unfortunately, although the previous owners said Cody Bear was good with other dogs, Save-A-Pet has yet to find any that it’s true about.

They were up front about Cody’s problems, and also Belle’s (apparently “Bella” on-line is a typo). Belle has shyness issues, and has been nippy. Not actually injuring anyone, but she’s a big girl and it scares people. OTOH, she’s only a year and a half old, so it’s also quite likely to simply be puppy behavior she wasn’t taught about earlier.

We were also willing to consider Dexter, who has epilepsy. BTW, and SPOILER ALERT (if you don’t read the Otter Blog or G+): that’s the last time I’m going to call him Dexter. He’s Pippin now.  Yes, as in Peregrin Took. LoTR names are a Winsauer thing.

We filled out an adoption application form and had an interview with a counselor.

We met Belle first. If you’ve ever seen Ron with dogs, you know that dogs almost universally love Ron. Even dogs that are shy, don’t like men because they’ve been abused by men, yadda yadda, they almost all decide that Ron is a safe person. Or funny dog. Whatever.

Unfortunately, Belle was the exception. It really boggles my mind that she didn’t take to Ron. She obviously did trust the volunteer who’s been working with her, so there’s hope. She’s a big, gorgeous black-and-tan girl, and I really really liked her. I wanted her, in fact. But if she wasn’t going to take to Ron, it wasn’t going to happen. I think Ron was disappointed, too. Our guess is she never was socialized as a young pup, and now she’s big and scares people.  Hopefully the right person comes in that she clicks with and has the time and patience she needs.

So then we met Pippin. He’s little, and was kinda hyper, and very very friendly. Not sure if he doesn’t have much under-coat, or he’s already finished blowing it out.

We went back toward home, had supper, picked up Elrond, and went back. Elrond and Pippin were definitely interested in each other. We had to tell the volunteer that no, they’re fine, they’re just being huskies with each other – which we had to learn when we got Lobo, because huskies being introduced looks like other breeds not liking each other, and huskies like to play rip-your-throat-out. Also had to explain that at the Buddy Foundation, but the volunteer there seemed a little more willing to listen.

Anyway, we were deemed acceptable (I did overhear that there was a concern about something, but not what it was), and Pippin went home with us.

He was just neutered on Tuesday, and had his back dewclaws removed (they were floaters, and they were concerned he’d have problems with them based on his energy level or in a seizure), so he has stitches, and is understandably protective about his privates. He gets 1 grain of phenobarbatol twice a day, and in the month he was at Save-A-Pet had had no seizures. Before that he was at Chicago AC, where he was reported to have had seizures and started on the meds.

On the way home we stopped at PetWhatever and got a small crate (shelter couldn’t guarantee he’s house-trained, and all our crates are too big for potty training), some new toys, and a Gentle Leader for Pippin. Because he *pulls*. The volunteer who did the “interactions” with us with Belle and Pippin (and ran us through some more obviously-screening questions) suggested a harness; at which I laughed and said that huskies just lean into them, we like Gentle Leaders, thanks. Hmm…I bet that was the issue – the guy clearly wasn’t a fan, and even seemed mildly disapproving when he suggested a limited-slip nylon collar, and I said we make our own leather ones.

So, here’s my blog post with pictures of Pippin in his first visit to the back yard: 

Pippin had to be coaxed up the (open) porch steps, and the steps to the second floor with food the first couple times, but by bedtime had mastered steps. By morning he’d noticed the dog door to the bedroom – the dog runs at SaP all have dog doors to outdoor areas, so that was no surprise.  We’re not trusting him outside loose/unsupervised, so the dog door to outside is only open at night for Elrond when Pippin is in his crate.

Pippin likes to snuggle, he’s napped with us both yesterday morning and this morning after an early-morning trip outside (as has Elrond), and on the couch. He was less hyper yesterday than Saturday, I suspect part of his hyperness was excitement. But he is much more active than Elrond is. We’ve started taking walks again. Training Pippin to wear the Gentle Leader is proceeding slowly, he’s fighting it more than the big dogs did.

Pippin is bold and pushy. He also likes to collect toys. Yesterday afternoon there was a squabble when he tried to go in Elrond’s crate, when Elrond was already in it. Ron hauled him out and scolded him, and we’ve been working on barking whenever he tries to go in Elrond’s crate. Although this morning while we were showering he stole the nylabones out of Elrond’s crate.

This morning Elrond was sticking up for himself more. When Pippin and I came downstairs Elrond was at the bottom of the stairs waiting, and at first I wasn’t sure he was going to let Pippin by. I suspect the timing is not a coincedence, to start asserting himself when the Alpha (Ron) and The Enforcer (me) were going off to work – he knows what getting ready for work looks like.

Yesterday Robin was grumbling about the collar Pippin wore home from the shelter, so we made him a new one, with a second dee ring opposite the buckle and dee that his tags hang from (so when the buckle and tags are under the dogs’ chin, the second dee is easy to find on the back of the neck, and easy to hook a lead to). When we went to take the old collar off, I couldn’t – it’s a nylon one, with no buckle, just a size adjustment, which was already full-size. Ron ended up cutting the size slider, which gave him enough slack to get it off. Pippin *had* put on weight since SaP got him, and his neck seemed fine, but it still didn’t make me happy.

Yesterday we let Pippin follow us around the backyard dragging his lead. Not surprisingly, as we went past the beehives he went to investigate (we hadn’t let him Saturday). I elbowed Ron but didn’t say anything when he stuck his nose into a bunch of bees around the entrance. Once the girls let him know how they felt about that we called him back (and fussed over him a bit). It’s the only way he’ll learn to leave them alone, but we didn’t want him feeling like a pincushion.

Ron took Pippin to our vet’s office yesterday while I worked on the program book. The doctor they saw took the bandaging off his back legs, she prefers to let incisions/stitches to get air while healing. And he’d been trying to take the vet-wrap off anyway. He did come home wearing a Cone of Shame, because he wouldn’t leave his paws alone. It seems, though, it was just temporary, after a while we released him from the cone (with three people to keep an eye on him it seemed safe), and he left them alone the rest of the day. Stitches come out Friday. a 90-day supply of phenobarbatol was only $60. IIRC one of Ron’s inhalers is more expensive than that, with insurance.

Pippin is just a hair shy of 40 lbs, and about 21″ at the shoulder. SaP said he was 4, but my brain is still trying to say he’s a puppy, because of his size. He’s on the bottom end of the breed standard for huskies, as opposed to the big dogs, who we’d always called our giant mutant huskies (Eowyn was 2″ taller than the max size for males). We had wondered if he was an Alaskan Klee Kai (AKK), which is pretty much a miniature husky. He does look more like an AKK than a Sibe to me – muzzle shape, ear size (BIG ears), and amount of tail curl, but he’s too big. So maybe he’s a giant mutant Klee Kai.  🙂  Or a cross.

The significant differences between Sibes and AKK’s seem to boil down to the size, and AKK’s being much more reserved, which Pippin definitely is *not*. And I’m not sure it really matters.

So, we still have an Eowyn-shaped hole in our lives, but Pippin helps. I was worried that people would think we got rid of Eowyn so we could get a new dog, but anybody who thinks that can take a hike, our friends will get it.  I haven’t really second-guessed myself on the decision about Eowyn; I know we didn’t take her before it was time, and I don’t think we waited until she was suffering.

Sewing Update & Other Natter

The kosode and satin brocade kataginu are done, working on the collar on the satin brocade jacket.

Green fabrics and latest length of navy duck pre-washed.

Also bit the bullet and ordered the Reconstructing History pattern which includes kariginu and suikan (which seems to differ from kariginu only in length and being worn tucked in). Pretty sure I don’t need it, but I’m curious how their patterns are – the reviews are all either love or hate. One issue seems to be that if you read and follow the directions you’re more likely to have success, rather than assuming you know how they go together and proceeding wantonly, as the RH instructions are not necessarily what you would expect if you know modern techniques.

Wanting more pictures in the instructions is also a common issue – which may catch me, I frequently tell Ron to draw me a picture when he’s trying to describe something to me. We’ll see.

I put my rantage inspired by reading reviews of Reconstructing History patterns over on the Otter Necessities blog (link to blog in sidebar), because it’s partly a general design thing not related only to sewing.

I have plenty of the cotton that I used to line my entari, so I’m thinking I’m going to make home-made bias strips for piping, and pipe around the neckline, and possibly the arm holes.

My dark red/burgundy duck hakama shrunk in length after I made them, so I’m debating if I want to make another pair, slightly longer. I think the brocade that I got recently that’s probably going to be a kariginu-ish thing would work with hakama that color and my burgundy and gold kosode. My white-on-white cotton calico kosode may need to be replaced, its getting kinda . . . off-colored around the neckline (sweat, sunscreen, hard water). I may try dyeing it a brown or orange-ish brown, although the printing may do odd things with over-dyeing.  Must consider.

Once I cut out whatever from the brocade I need to take the scrap and get a nice burgundy-ish cotton for the collar. It’s not a satin brocade, its more matte, so a cotton collar will work. The back side is an off-white, so I’m just going to use some of my big bolt of off-white muslin for lining.

Robin is still looking for a job. He’s getting his ducks in a row at Harper, turns out he’d applied and been accepted a while back, so he could get credit for one of his HS classes. Tuesday he went to an orientation session and an academic advising session. Yesterday he went down and changed his major from something fairly narrow to something more general.

Eowyn is wobbly, and getting up the stairs is hard work by the end of the day, especially in the heat. She, however, has sense enough to use the bedroom dog-door and retreat to the air-conditioning. Elrond is more likely to be found on the couch when left home alone. And he won’t go in the bedroom by himself if humans are home. Silly affectionate beast.

Weather has been ranging between hot and sticky and unbearably hot and sticky. Currently looks like a storm moving in. Oh yes, there’s lightning. And wind.

Started a pair of aqua kilt hose in Woobu, but didn’t get much past the toes before the sewing binge hit.

Critter Chaos

As you may recall, back in the fall we put a dog door in the kitchen door, and have been confining the dogs to the kitchen daytimes. It’s worked out well, but the question has been what to do when it got hot, as I didn’t think Eowyn was going to be able to tolerate hot days without AC any more.

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Capricon Prep

I think my cold has almost, but not quite, run its course. Still a smidge tired and a tiny bit more snuffly than usual due to chronic low-level not-officially-diagnosed allergies.

Baking binge  commences tonight for the MuseCon party at Capricon. Besides nachos, I’ll be bringing chocolate-chip brownies and oatmeal-craisin bar cookies.

Not sure what my schedule for Capricon will be, besides commuting so that the dogs, particularly the old girl, can stay at home.

This morning Ron suggested that Eowyn may be getting underfoot so much in order to keep track of us – she’s been mostly-deaf for a couple/few years now, and one eye is pretty cloudy, presumably cataracts. That’s actually a preferable reason to getting senile, so I’ll go with it. (Also, senility doesn’t explain her skill at anticipating where I’m going and standing in the way.  FYI, deaf dogs don’t give a damn when you yell and pound your head against the wall when they get in the way for the umpteenth time that day).

Weekend Report? Again?

Yeah, that’s what happens on Mondays, another weekend report.

Friday afternoon Eowyn demonstrated that she’s still not too old to get into trouble. She decided Licentia’s hair looked tasty. Fortunately, Robin caught her before she did any more than damage packaging.

Friday evening we went to Menard’s and picked up a router bit, three 8′ long clear pine one-by-eights, and brackets to put up in the living room on the west and south walls. The space on the west wall is 73″, we decided not to sweat the extra inch. The space on the south wall is 131″ – just shy of 11 feet. The original plan was to miter the boards meeting in the corner.

But, as many plans do, it got changed. On Sunday Ron routed three sides of each board, and put one up on the west wall  of the living room – no, the ends of that one didn’t need to be pretty, but it was easiest to just do all three boards the same. But instead of figuring out the least messy way of filling the whole space on the south wall he put one up there, and the third went up on the south wall of our bedroom, above the beds – which is another space we’d talked about putting a shelf.

No, we didn’t bother finishing the wood. But the brackets are decorative, gunmetal in color, and we got black wood screws to attach the shelves to the brackets, and black self-anchoring screws for the wall, so they look good. Routing the edges of the boards really dressed them up. Now Ron’s considering routing the boards that make up the brick and glass block bookshelf in our bedroom, but that means unloading the shelves first. Ron spun one of the living room track lights around while loading the living room shelves, and after seeing how it looked I’m considering adding a couple low-power/flourescent light fixtures to show off the stuff on the shelves.  Oh good Ghu, we’re getting so civilized…

The majority of the models and tchotchkes that were on the mantle moved up onto the living room shelves. A few of the taller things were left on the mantle, and the rest of the space is now occupied by Ron’s Lego Unimog, my dolls, and a Lego motorcycle that’s been hiding in a corner in our bedroom for ages. Not sure why it didn’t move to the bedroom shelf, but whatever. Currently the shelf in our room is empty.  I’m sure things will migrate up there.

I didn’t get around to grabbing a good camera with a flash to get pictures of the living room, but I did get a camera-phone picture of the one in our bedroom. It’s not great, but it gives you the general idea. Click to embiggen.

On the doll front, I heroically refrained from starting any clothes for Licentia. I knew if I did, I wouldn’t have the self-control to stop until they were done.

Saturday morning was, typically, flailing around – ran Robin to the bank then to Games Plus to pick up some miniatures he’d ordered, then karate. During karate Ron and I got screws for the shelf project and other errand-ish things.

Saturday afternoon Marmaduke came over. We’d gotten Robin a starter set of the miniatures game “Warmachine” for Christmas, they played a couple rounds of that, another one that Marmaduke recently discovered, and then the locusts descended on the chili and nachos I’d made for dinner. After dinner Marmaduke was introduced to the first Robert Downey, Jr./Jude Law “Sherlock Holmes”.

Saturday afternoon/evening and much of Sunday I was working on pouches. Pouches pouches pouches. You can guess where the bloggy natter about that will be, right? I did, however, keep up on the dishes, which I think meant at least three passes? And made a decent dinner – bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin chops (from GFS), green beans, and spuds.

The cran-cherry mead had spent the week apparently doing nothing, so last night we pitched it a concoction of some warm water, honey, yeast nutrient, and two packets of dry champaign yeast. Apparently the concoction was potent, there was a geyser when it was added to the carboy. But this morning it’s perking along nicely, so the cleanup (on tile floor, so easy) was worth it.


Wednesday afternoon I went back to the podiatrist to have him deal with a missed or re-grown bit of ingrown toenail. I had the option of gritting my teeth or getting it numbed, I voted for local anesthetic, the injection of which has been the worst bit about the visit or healing so far.  🙂

In one of Robin’s classes they’re doing group movie projects. Robin’s group is starting to film today, having done nothing on it for most of the last two weeks. I’m not clear on exactly who was the holdup, but I know it wasn’t Robin.

The mysterious Yao may or may not be arriving a week from today. Civility is still having the vapors. I plan on cutting a kosode out of the white-on-white calico at lunchtime today, and possibly another out of navy blue calico with black flowers, perhaps that will distract her.

Yesterday I had relaxation of brain-cramp, and started looking at/for generic food warmers instead of  strictly “nacho” warmers. With the widened field of results, I think I may be narrowing my search down to deciding what size and wattage of new units. I checked the power ratings of some 4- and 7-quart commercial warmers against my 4- and 6-quart crock pots, which confirmed that they should heat things faster than the crock pots.

I may run over to GFS this weekend for a can of the pre-seasoned nacho sauce, and more chips, for the next round of taste-testing.

At some point this weekend we’ll be brewing a 5-gallon batch of cran-cherry mead. The ginger spice mead has a nice healthy fermentation burbling merrily along.

Eowyn had a couple bad days, but is back to her (older, slower) self. I think having everybody home and many disruptions to her rest for the long weekend were part of the problem. With just Robin home and spending significant time working on minis she gets the benefits of both napping where she wants to, and doing so with minimal disturbance.

Christmas Plans and Other Natter

Ron and Robin are at home today, bottling and brewing mead with Xap’s help.  I believe the plan is to make ginger spice mead, for which yesterday we procured pie weights and cheesecloth (to keep the spices contained and under the surface).

Dinner tonight is a tagine. I had a brisket in the ‘fridge that needed to be used, so last night I whacked it up into stew meat, instead of making meatballs as I usually do. Also skipping the zucchini for (1) sake of not irritating Ron’s digestive system with the seeds, and (2) the zucchini at Jewel looked pretty bad.

Tagine seasoning procured from Williams-Sonoma, but it does not appear to be the same as what they sold previously; which was then discontinued, and then they had Ras-Al-Hanout, another north-African spice mix, which was not in evidence, but there was the new tagine seasoning. Insert rolled eyes here.


Also appearing in the tagine are a rutabaga (probably not a typical north-African foodstuff, but too bad), leeks, tomato sauce, chicken broth, garlic, green beans, ‘shrooms (chopped small so Robin doesn’t recognize them and kvetch), a small handful of baby spinach (chopped small because I don’t want big leaves in my stew), possibly peas, carrots, and possibly Veg-All.

The brisket turned out to be a whole, not the half I was thinking it was, so it took up more of the crock pot than expected, so I left out the can of garbanzos I’d planned on adding. The ‘shrooms, spinach, green beans, and a small can of carrots (no, I don’t remember why I bought canned carrots) were added sometime after lunch, with instructions to top off the crock pot, if there was room, with Veg-All. If we have frozen peas I’ll add them just before we eat, if we don’t we don’t.

I can’t remember if we have potato sausage in the freezer.  If we do we’ll be having that for dinner tomorrow, with mashed rutabaga.

I was going to have turkey for dinner Christmas day, but I was wrong when I thought we had one in the freezer. Robin did find a rack of bison ribs, so I’ll make them instead. Hmm. I could be nice and see if we have steak for Ron and Robin (who prefer their meat boneless. Sissies.) Probably also dressing and sweet potatoes. And possibly rutabaga if we don’t have it Christmas Eve.

This year I’m also planning on making a steamed Christmas pudding. That’s probably tomorrow’s project.

Not sure if we’re opening presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. The only surprises will be exactly what we got Robin from his list (a couple days after giving it to me he wanted to see it to make notes, and I told him “too late”, and he may have noted the return address of the shipping box), and what we got from my Dad and WSM. But that’s ok, not-surprising balances out the risk of floppage.

I really should get Robin’s wrapped. Robin’s been appropriating and wrapping my presents and Ron’s as they arrive. He also put the tree up.

My plan for Christmas Day, as I mentioned previously, is to make some clothes for Civility. Besides my stash I have a couple pieces of cotton calico, and three pieces of lightweight wool. My defence on the wool is that I wanted to see exactly what considered “suiting weight”. I have no excuse whatsoever for the calico. The pattern/instructions came as a PDF, which I’ve downloaded and skimmed, but I’ve resisted a detailed reading in the spirit of it being part of my Christmas present.  🙂

I did find and ordered three different patterns for cavalry greatcoats. I believe Robin declared those Christmas presents for Ron. 🙂 I’ve also found sources for heavyweight wool, but at $20+/yard I’m not buying until I make any modifications/or create a mashup of the three patterns, and make a mockup, so I know exactly how much yardage I need.

Accidents in the house have become much less common now that Eowyn has 24/7 access to outside.  I’ve also gotten to the point where I don’t wake up every time she goes down the stairs or comes back up. These are good things.   Eowyn’s pretty much given up hoping we’ll open the door for her, although if I’m actually in the kitchen she’ll give the dog door flaps a preliminary push, check if I noticed, and then go through when I ignore her hopeful look.


If I’ve been so tired, why couldn’t I sleep last night?!?

I never ate lunch yesterday, so by the time we escaped the hospital I was a disaster. Never has a Steak & Shake burger tased so good.

Robin went to Cookie Lab (I dropped him off, got a ride home with D & D), seems to have had fun, and came home with a bunch of goodies.

Woke up 7-ish, didn’t get back to sleep. Ron and I went out in search of breakfast, letting Spud sleep in. After that back to St. Alexius for the IV antibiotics. Stopped at the grocery store on the way home, both because the larder was a rather bare, and Ron’s on a low-fiber softish diet ATM.

Found boneless beef short ribs and decided that they’d produce properly no-structural-integrity sauerbraten for dinner tomorrow, being not too thick.

Also got myself baby spinach, eggs, and ‘shrooms. When my body up and demands spinach I figure I better listen. And I think since having a big spinach salad for lunch I’ve been less exhausted. Still tired, but bearable.

After lunch Ron and I went to use the 50% off coupon I had at Jo-Ann Fabrics. More on the intended costuming hijinks in another post.

Dinner is lazy quiches: ham steaks (a pound???) chopped up and split between two pre-made pie shells. One was filled with grated Jarlsberg, the other with 1/3 or so Jarlsberg and the rest cheddar. A dozen eggs, a quart of cream, dash hot sauce, salt, and pepper . . . And I had lots of extra egg. I crumbled a round of Queso Fresco (half-pound?) into a buttered shallow oval casserole, added some Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle, and the rest of the egg/cream. Now they’re baking as per the Quiche Lorraine directions in Batty Cracker.

While I was making the quiches, Robin got a dozen eggs ready for supplementing Eowyn’s dog food – we’ve got a muffin “tin” that’s a metal carrier for silicone cups – good size for a single egg, the eggs don’t stick horribly, and they don’t try to escape when eaten the way whole hard-boiled eggs do.

Will probably go to bed early again tonight.

Good Day? Crappy Day? Dunno.

Not sure if I’m having a good day or a crappy day.

Ron’s been in the hospital since Wednesday afternoon/evening with an attack of diverticulitis (St. Alexius in Hoffman Estates, ping me for his room number/cell number if you want to say hi, or feel free to use Gchat).

Mom called last night, my grandmother is fading fast. She’s 90-mumble and her health has been failing so Mom decided to not take her to the ER, and let the nursing home, where she recognizes her caregivers and her surroundings, make her comfortable (the only family member she recognizes is my mother, who Grandma thinks is her sister, ie: my mother’s aunt). But y’know, she’s my grandma.

Did not crash the Kia this morning, fishtailed while slowing down for a stoplight ahead, ended up doing a 180, pointing back the way I came on Rte. 59. The Kia’s rear quarter panel was probably inches from the rear quarter of the car in the other lane. I’m sure I spiked my blood pressure but good.

Eowyn is geriatric, and a sound sleeper now that she’s deaf, so every so often I end up wondering if she’s still breathing. And she had an upset tummy yesterday. OTOH, her one mess was in the house on linoleum, and then she let herself out and back in at least twice without incident.

To top it all off, I seem to have left my cell phone at home today (odds are high it’s on the desk, by the computer, where I used it this morning).

I’m just going to close my office door and have a conniption fit. Do not annoy the Prognathodon, I have big sharp nasty pointy teeth.

Still-Elusive Sleep

So remember how on Thursday I was kvetching that I was behind on sleep?  It didn’t get any better.

Ron’s diverticulitis was acting up, so he decided to go to the doctor. Except Dr. KP is out on maternity leave, which presumably means that Dr. L is up to his ass in alligators, as there was no opening until Monday.

In the afternoon Ron to the acute care center that our doctor’s office shares space with.  The doctor there told him to go to the ER, and pretty much said that he’d be admitted.  Absolutely refused to let Ron go home with a prescription for antibiotics.

After I got home, and some waffling, off we traipsed to the ER. But not to St. Alexius/Alexian Bros., which is what our doctor and the acute care center are affiliated with, we went to the closer NW Community. Got in quickly, the doctor seemed to be agreeing with Ron that it was only diverticulitis, but ordered a CT scan to be sure.

And then we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Radiology, clearly, was busy.

Eventually he got his CT, confirmed nothing but diverticulitis, and the doctor ordered an IV dose of antibiotic.

Cue another wait.

Then an hour of waiting while it pumped in.

Fortunately, the nurse had everything ready to let Ron loose once the IV was done, and we came home with a prescription for antibiotics, leaving the ER about 10:30 pm.

Which meant I got nothing done in the way of getting ready for Boar’s Head, and was up past my bedtime again.

Friday morning we had Robin’s final IEP (nothing notable, as expected). I sorta-kinda stayed home the rest of the day, if you don’t count various errands, which I’ll natter more about on the Otter Necessities blog ( when I’m done here.

Yesterday the alarms went off at 4:45 am.  We didn’t get home until 9-ish. But I was able to sleep today.

Ron’s innards are doing better, he actually had real food last night for dinner.

Eowyn was horribly wobbly in the back end Friday night and yesterday (at least when we were home), and we were afraid today was going to be the final trip to the vet.  But she’s more stable today, and seems more perky. So we’ll see how it goes. And just a week ago she jumped up onto Ron’s bed (which admittedly she hadn’t done in a while previously).

I didn’t finish stitching the back hem facing to the lining of my giornea, so I wore it with the basting. No comments, but Xap got a lot of compliments on the Japanese garb I made a few years ago.

And Ron would like more hakama. So I might go get some duck or something similarly thick/stiff for him. Or not. I may just be a slug.

Meanwhile, Ron and Robin are off helping Xap with some post-move moving of stuff. So it’s just me and the dogs. Elrond is napping on the couch, Eowyn is on the bed we made for her in the living room. She’d been ignoring it, then I moved it over a foot or so, and now she’s on it. Dogs…

Robin put himself to bed early again last night. He was off all last week – not overtly sick, but tired, and occasionally urpy. I’m thinking that it might be time to get him tested for mono. Which is still better than whooping cough.

Yes, life is fun…