Glub and Glub and More Glub!

Thursday was our normal day off of swimming after being up late-ish on Wednesday nights.  Friday we also missed, Ron had an upset stomach and it was giving mine ideas (he was dead tired, I think mine was sinus).

Yesderday was another 1000 yards.  Part of the time all three of us were sharing a lane.  Sharing a half-lane with Robin was . . . interesting.  I was stopping after each length so that I could dodge around him and not impede Robin, so it slowed me down.  Once space opened up in another lane Ron moved over, so I didn’t have to play dodge-Robin.

Robin had both of us coaching him, he swims about as slowly as I do.  He took it pretty well, but he stayed home today.

The idea of swimming a mile (1760 yards) has been lurking around the back of my head for a while.  I was doing really well today, not really stopping at all for the first 1000 yards, so I kept going.  Ron asked me when I was going to stop at somewhere around 1200, I said maybe a mile.  He’d already been out of the pool for a bit, so he went to go change.

I didn’t make a mile.

I went to 2000 yards, instead.  I are stoopid that way sometimes.  🙂

Ron said that if I’d told him I was thinking about doing a mile he probably would have stayed in and kept going too.  Oops. The last few laps I was definitely slowing down, and my last lap was a crawl indeed, but I did it.

I am pleased with myself, and boy was I ready for breakfast . . .

That’s Better. Goal-Setting?

1000 yards today, and only one short break at 600 yards.

Debating if I want to find a destination to “swim” to, for example: across Lake Michigan from St. Joseph to Milwaukee. Might be amusing…

Definitely HUNGRY by the time I got to work, so of course there was computer issue, and more time-consuming related user issue, to deal with before quiche.

Glub, Redux

Taking a (forced) week off swimming did a number on me. Yesterday and today I was back in “don’t wanna talk about it” territory. But today was better than yesterday, both in terms of total yardage and how hard it was.

Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be back to where I was.

Insert Clever Title Here

Consensus is that Thursdays are a loss for swimming.  So we didn’t.

Yesterday I did a whole 1000 yards, repeated today, although I’m feeling it in the upper arms and wrists.  Amazing how much stress swimming can put on the wrists.

You know the saying “time exists so everything doesn’t happen at once”?  Well, it failed Thursday afternoon.  I was running around trying to deal with a contractor in changing a dead LAN, which entailed shutting down the network at work, including possibly the phone system; while meanwhile trying to coordinate making appointments with a doctor and a hospital for some tests.  Both of which could have been done in the doctor’s office if the [expletive] insurance company wasn’t a pain in the backside.  And I’m talking about an ultrasound, not something that’s invasive or something. Growf.

So far this morning we’ve been swimming an been to the farmer’s market, with a quick stop on the way home for Robin to run into the Post Awful and check the PO boxes, and some vegetating on the couch.  This is what happens when your body wakes you up at 5:30.

MuseCon meeting this afternoon.  Hopefully baking tomorrow – the plan is to make a batch of cheese and egg boat breads for breakfasts, as opposed to the breakfast pockets we did this week.

Busy Morning

I did 800 yards again this morning, every single lap front crawl. I was toying with the idea of making 1000, but pooped out. But I’m happy with what I did. Ron apparently has been using me to pace himself, and this morning I was pushing him. I suppose that’s good. Again, I have no reason to think that I’m swimming faster, but I think crawl is faster than backstroke, and I think I rested less today than yesterday.

I actually had to wait for a shower this morning. It sounded like I wasn’t the only one surprised that there was a line (when I got a stall, there was only one other person waiting, though). Then I discovered that I’d managed to leave half my clean clothes, which I clearly remembered gathering last night, at home. Fortunately, it isn’t a big deal to go home from the Y.

As I was leaving, I stopped for a conversation about garbage & recycling pickup with Mrs. New Neighbor. As I was pulling out of the driveway, I realized that although the clock said it was 7:29, the dogs were still out playing with Allan (Robin’s alarm to put them to bed and head out to the bus goes off at 7:25). Pull back in, shoo the dogs in, make sure Robin knows the time, then leave again.

At that point I was already going to be late for work, so when I got to the the Office-Whatsit store, I decided to just wait the 5 minutes until it opened and replace the USB<->micro-USB cable I’ve been missing since WisCon. I expect that it’ll show up as soon as I get home.

Very strange having little pressing to do the last few weeks. Normally we’re getting ready for DucKon. MuseCon is ramping up, but it isn’t to the intensity level we’ve had with DucKon (yet?).

Wow, my life is really exciting, no?

More natter, plus glub

Sunday morning (after swimming), Ron did the rear brakes on the truck. Yeah, it was time, the pads were paper-thin to gone. One of the discs was scored up, but he’d planned to replace them. The truck sounds much better now. Ron’s also thinking of doing the front brake pads this coming weekend. They’ve been done more recently, should just need new pads.

Robin and a group of classmates are working on a movie of the first chapter or two of “Dracula” for English. They were supposed to work on it Thursday, then Friday, then all weekend, then all day Sunday, then Sunday afternoon, and finally I dropped him off at 2 on Sunday. They also worked on it until 8 last night, and hopefully they finish today, IIRC it’s due tomorrow. Robin was getting perturbed about the continued delays this weekend.

Every morning, we’re told, Elrond sits outside waiting for Allan to come out and play. Allan’s people think this is quite cute. I can’t argue. My only complaint is that playing involves much barking (his silly high-pitched puppy barks) while they chase each other up and down the fence line. We’re gonna have a trench on either side of the fence by the end of summer…

Yesterday I didn’t swim as far as I did Sunday, but today I did 800 yards. That’s my longest distance so far, and finally approaching the 1000 yards I used to do. (at least I think the Y’s pool is a 25-yard, there is a small chance all these numbers should be meters instead of yards). I’m getting faster in terms of not resting as much, and today I didn’t do as much backstroke. Maybe one of these days I’ll get to the point where it’s worth re-learning how to do flip-turns. Not that I was ever much good at flip-turns. But still.

Keeping count of how many laps I’ve done is becoming a nuisance. I suppose I could come up with a plan of X laps of crawl and Y of backstroke (breaststroke and sidestroke are in the “glacially slow” category, and butterfly is to laugh).

I think I’ve gotten over being intimidated by other people. Sharing the slow lane with a fit-looking woman who swam at about the same speed as I do helped. So does sharing a lane with Ron, which I’ve done the last two mornings. He does about 1.5 laps to my 1, but I expect him to be faster than me. I also know he won’t be bothered if contact happens (although I really don’t want a repeat of the head-on collision I had with a friend once. We both saw stars)

Yesterday Ron and I were both HUNGRY most of the day. I was threatening grievous bodily harm to anybody who got between me and the salad when we got home. Hopefully that was just a strange anomaly, I’d rather not put up with that again, thankyouverymuch.


Went to the Y this morning. Seemed to work out OK, other than being rather hungry for breakfast after.

Fighting to stay awake this morning pronably has more to do with being up late last night than swimming this morning.

Seriously considering some front-hook bras, which I’e discovered are available in sizes above “flat”. Reaching around behind and up post-swim is quickly losing what charm it never had. I swear bras shrink and laugh at you until you wrestle them into submission (ie: get them hooked). Or else my arms are shrinking. Since my shirts all seem to still fit, I’m going with the sentient, malicious underwear theory.

Despite the power being out for a couple hours late afternoon/early evening yesterday (thunderstorms), Robin got a big batch of zucchini cookies made for parties in his CAD and Engineering classes today, *and* left the kitchen better than when he started. Which means I don’t have to start my baking binge tonight with cleanup.

Said baking binge is for the MuseCon party at WisCon Saturday night (room 607, door opens at/by 8:30) The baking plan is to make a couple-three batches of dairy-, egg-, and maybe even gluten-free fruit bars, savory scones, and hopefully some California Ranger Bar Cookies. I also have the ingredients for 7-Layer Bars, but D’s already got those covered. And I’ll bring any leftover zucchini cookies. A is doing cupcakes, and there will be dry-ice ice cream/sorbet.

Which reminds me, we need to get mango nectar and coconut milk, lime juice, and bring the Maharajah (sweet) curry powder. Yes, all for one very yummy and dairy-free flavor.

Now for a rantlet…oh, wait, it once again boils down stupidity on your part does not make this a problem on my part. That was easy.

Glub Glub

My new bathing suit arrived, unexpectedly, yesterday! Woot!

In 20/20 hindsight, it probably isn’t surprising it arrived yesterday: I placed my order before 8:00 am on Friday, and it was only coming from Neenah, WI. But I’m still pleased. Also pleased that it fits.

I even tried it out last night. No, still not discussing times/distances. But it was more exercise than sitting at home would have been. And yay for low-impact. Swimming made me tired, but not sore.

4 of the 6 lanes were in use by a teen or so men’s swim team. This was not a help to my self-confidence. IIRC teams have those lanes from 4-9pm every weekday, so I’ll just have to get used to it. The plan for tonight is to go on the way home from work, detouring to pick up Robin if homework is done and he wants to go.

The “hot tub” in the adult Women’s locker room is wildly mis-named. It isn’t even a hotel-style “fairly warm tub”, which is what I expected. More of a “kinda warm tub”. Oh well.

The Y towels would barely cover an anorexic snake, and I don’t feel like bringing my own, or trying to change in one of the 3 or 4 small curtained cubicles etc., so I don’t see a point in trying to pretend changing and showering doesn’t involve nudididity – which some women (oftenest the ones without bulgy bits, strangely) seem to attempt. Debating, however, on a pair of shower sandals. I’ll see what majority behavior seems to be. Might increase my confidence going down the “wet stairwell” (in which the steps often are wet) to the natatorium.

Once we got home last night and Ron did some work-from-home, he and Robin put our AC unit in. Oh blessed AC! Eowyn was camped out on Ron’s bed hogging the fan (yes, had both the fan and the AC on, the fan moves the cool air around better), and had to be forcibly evicted.

Robin decided it was too late to mess with installing his AC unit last night, but seemed to be regretting that this morning. They’ll put it in tonight.

No Bikey, Swimmy

One more try…I originally wrote this post Friday, but it seems to be strangely reluctant to actually post…

A number of my friends are taking up bicycling lately. I can’t say I haven’t felt the pull to be one of the crowd, it isn’t going to happen.

A few years ago (err, that would be rather more than a few, come to think of it – it was about the time Robin learned to ride a 2-wheeler. But I digress, which is even more significant when hunt-and-pecking an entry out via iPhone. But that’s a digression from my first digression!)

Ahem. So we got bikes, and did a little riding, and I even tried riding to the old office in Schaumburg (which probably would have been more successful had safe routes existed the whole way). I discovered that the stock (cheap) seat sucked/hurt, and more importantly, I did not miraculously stop being a klutz. Honest to Ghu I once fell over while stopped. Zero-speed drops with a motorcycle can be understood. With a bicycle…not so much. The bikes soon languished, and were eventually sold to a co-worker.

But we still need exercise. And preferrably of the sort where I’m not likely to hurt myself. Plus Ron’s back has been cranky, and while still in the normal range, his thyroid level didn’t entirely please the doctor. Re-losing some weight that’s snuck back on and exercise are what she wants to try first.

So, this week we re (re-re-?) joined the local Y, specifically for the pool. And this morning I ordered a new bathing suit, with expedited shipping, so I should get it Tuesday.

We’ll see how well we stick with it this time around. Hopefully better than in the past. The program guide has a couple exercise/yoga/tai-chi -ish classes (some aquatic) that look interesting. Except for that pesky day-job thing.

When we talked about joining, Ron asked about just the two of us, or a family membership. Ummm…school is almost out, and the Y-pool is even closer than the library Robin often goes to daily during breaks…Ron agreed he hadn’t quite thought his question through before asking. 🙂

Speaking of buying a swimsuit, apparently I’m too big to want to actually SWIM. Finding a decent suit (meant for something more than sitting around and being seen in, no stupid frou-frou, etc.) was a royal pain. I finally ended up finding this one:
Out of several to choose from (be still my heart!). I went with the darker blue. (so I can be a great blue whale, snort)
And the site even uses real-sized models! I need to go back and look at what else they have.

Let’s see, friends have flowers and vegetables, we have bees. Friends bike, we swim. Yep, another point on the GDI curve!